COVID-19 Film & TV Emergency Relief Fund Announced to Help Creatives

£1M Emergency fund setup with Netflix donation to help creatives in UK.


£1M Emergency relief fund established with Netflix donation to help creatives in UK, who’s business has been disrupted by the pandemic. Whether you are a camera operator, focus puller, sound recordist, makeup artist, set designer, or other, and are based in the UK, you may have access to this emergency fund.

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Established with a partnership between The BFI and The Film/TV Charity, this new £1M COVID-19 Emergency Fund has been created to help support the creative community, which like many industries, has been grossly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Netflix to the Rescue (Again)

The fund was established thanks to a £1m donation from Netflix and will be administered by The Film and TV Charity with support from the BFI. The goal of the fund is to provide emergency short-term relief to the many thousands of active workers and freelancers who have been directly affected by the closure of productions across the UK.

Alex Pumfrey, CEO of The Film and TV Charity, said:

“The film and TV industry is now facing a huge threat. Many freelancers have seen their livelihoods disappear overnight. We’re entering a period of unprecedented isolation and worry for a workforce that we know from our research already suffers from poor mental health.

“Which is why I’m incredibly pleased that Netflix and the BFI are working with us to kick-start this new Covid-19 Film and TV Emergency Relief Fund to support workers across the UK’s film and TV industry.”

Freelancers Are The Backbone of the UK Creative Industry

Ben Roberts, BFI Chief Executive, also acknowledged that freelancers “are the backbone of our film and television industries…” while Anne Mensah, Vice President, Original Series at Netflix, said:

“We’re proud to be working with the BFI and The Film and TV Charity to support the hardest hit workers in TV and film production. From electricians to carpenters, hair and makeup artists to drivers – and many more, UK crews have always been vital to Netflix’s success and now we want to help those freelancers who most need support in these unprecedented times.”

Image by BFI

Who is Eligible and How to Apply?

Eligibility criteria and level of individual funding are currently in the works, but the fund will be open to those working in production, distribution and exhibition. If you are a creative professional in the UK, and want to apply, be sure to register for the charity’s mailing lists to be notified when the fund launches.

Freelancers in immediate and urgent need should apply for support via The Film and TV Charity’s existing hardship fund, which offers grants of up to £500 to provide stop-gap support.

This hardship fund will sit alongside the new Emergency Relief Fund. Click here for details on eligibility and how to apply.

[via BFI]

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