Convergent Design Erika Wireless USB Mic for Better ZOOM Audio

Convergent Design is Back with a Wireless USB Mic 

Wireless mic podcast setup Erika

Convergent Design are back with Erikaa compact wireless USB mic to improve your Zoom call or web conference. Traditionally makers of video recorders with monitoring capabilities, the small Colorado US-based company are making a comeback, but in a very different niche and with a consumer product. 

Erika Wireless USB Mic Quick Summary:

  • Miniature, wireless integrated mic-transmitter design
  • No buttons, no setup needed
  • Magnetic clip attachment 
  • USB receiver plugs into your PC laptop or Mac
  • Instant pairing 
  • 24 hour battery
  • Auto-mute and Auto-off functions
  • Integrated battery into the mic/transmitter
  • Made in the USA
  • $149 USD at B&H, shipping now
Erika Wireless Mic for Zoom Web Calls
Image by Convergent Design

From Pro Monitor/Recorders to a Wireless Microphone for All

Many of you are familiar with the Convergent Design Apollo and Odyssey7Q and 7Q+ professional monitor/recorders, which for quite some time were staples in the industry. Actually, these recorders are still being used today in various video productions and film sets.

Known for their excellent OLED displays with intuitive touchscreen controls, extensive RAW and ProRes recording capabilities, before Atomos took over the monitor/recorder segment the Odyssey7Q reigned supreme among Sony F5/F55, Alexa, and FS7 video professionals among many others.

However, these past couple of years have been extremely difficult for the company, which recently discontinued both Odyssey7Q+ and Apollo products.  

Erika is a Compact, Wireless USB Mic for Everyone

The new Erika wireless USB mic uses an all-in-one integrated mic and transmitter design and is both PC and Mac compatible. You can set it up rather easily with the typical setup time usually running under 3 minutes.

Erika ships with a fully-charged battery, the mic and receiver come pre-paired. In addition, the integrated mic/transmitter design has no buttons or wires, making it super easy to setup. 

Mic and Receiver Come Pre-Paired in the Box

Furthermore, the featherweight Erika mic attaches to your garment with an included backing magnet. You can easily tell which piece is which thanks to the color scheme. The Erika Mic/Transmitter is black, and the USB Receiver, which plugs into your laptop is white

Other features include Auto-mute and Auto power-off combined with an excellent 24-hour battery minimizes recharging downtime.

Erika Wireless USB Mic – now in stock at B&H

Back with a Wireless USB Mic for Zoom

In a socially distanced world many of us resorted to makeshift audio solutions for our Zoom calls. And while some opted for expensive professional audio setups that cost quite a bit of money, wireless mics such as Erika can significantly improve the audio quality of your next online business meetup.

Furthermore, the portability combined with a super simple setup and operation make Erika an ideal choice for anyone, who need a no-frills, set and forget type unit. 

Compatible Platforms and Apps

Apart from upping up the quality of your Zoom calls, Erika is fully compatible with any app or program supporting USB audio at 22.05 or 44.1 kHz such as:

  • OBS, Facebook, Teams, Meet,
  • WebEx, VMix, Audacity,
  • Audition, Premiere, FCP, Vegas, GarageBand, Logic Pro and more
ERIKA Wireless USB Mic for Zoom Unboxing – via Convergent Design

Pricing and Availability

Erika Wireless USB mic is priced at $149 USD and you can order it at B&H, where it is listed as in stock.

For full technical specifications and to learn more visit Convergent Design.

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