Canon RF 70-200mm f/4L IS and RF 50mm f1.8 Lenses Announced

The long-awaited RF “nifty fifty” and more affordable RF 70-200mm f4 are here!

Canon 70-200mm f4 L IS USM lens
Image by Canon

Canon just announced RF 70-200mm f4L IS USM zoom and the mirrorless “nifty fifty” Canon RF 50mm f1.8 lens for their full-frame EOS R system. 

These two lenses have been highly anticipated by Canon EOS R6 and EOS R5 users as they are more affordable options. The new lenses are priced at $1,599 USD and $199 respectively. 

New Canon 70-200mm f4L IS – Perfect for Video? 

Furthermore, this release marks the next logical step for Canon as the company introduces more affordable RF 70-200mm f4 IS and 50mm RF versions to their premium RF counterparts.

As a reminder, the Canon RF 70-200mm f2.8 IS holds a whopping $1,100 premium over the f4 version, while the previously released Canon RF 50mm f1.2 is also unattainable for many EOS R system users. 

Canon 70-200mm f4 rf lens canon eos r5 r6
Image by Canon

In addition, these two new lenses are not just re-branded RF versions, but a completely overhauled and redesigned RF mount lenses with new lens formulas and enhanced elements according to Canon.

Canon 70-200mm f4L IS USM – Quick Features

  • RF mount, Full-Frame zoom lens
  • Optical Design: 16 lens elements in 11 groups with:
    • 4 x UD lenses to supress chromatic aberration
  • Optical Image Stabilizer with up to 5 Stops of Stabilization
  • Up to 7.5 stops of Stabilization when paired with IBIS on Canon EOS R cameras
  • 3 stabilizer modes
  • Customizable control ring
    • adjust exposure compensation, shutter speed, aperture, or ISO
  • 12-pin communication system
  • L-Series dust and weather sealing with a fluorine coating
  • Minimum focusing distance of 1.97 feet
  • Maximum magnification of 0.28x
  • Air Sphere Coating (ASC) that helps minimize lens flare and ghosting
  • Pre-order: Canon 70-200mm f4 IS RF mount – $1,599 USD at B&H
Canon RF 70-200mm f4 L IS USM rf mount eos r
Image by Canon

More Compact, Lighter, and More Affordable

At 120mm long and just 695g, the new 70-200mm f4 IS is considerably more compact and lightweight compared to the f/2.8 version. In addition, the lens is also the shortest and lightest 70-200mm f4 zoom that Canon has ever made.

Furthermore, the reduction in weight and size enables a lens element arrangement that is closer to the camera body, thus providing photographers with a more balanced feel and experience even at the zoom range’s telephoto end.

Also, dare I say it, you may even be able to balance it on a gimbal if you feel that you need a super-smooth telephoto zoom shot. Moreover, the Image Stabilization means that you’d be able to get much more stable video shots. 

In addition, the lens has two independent Nano USM motors, providing an even greater level of high-speed autofocus for still image shooting as well as quiet and smooth autofocus for video shooting.

Another big feature is the floating focus control that drives the two lens groups individually while using the two aforementioned Nano USM motors. The floating focus lens element shortens the focusing distance and helps reduce breathing, providing users with fast, consistent and reliable performance.

Canon 50mm f1.8 rf eos r
Image by Canon

Canon RF 50mm f1.8 – Quick Features and Details

The new Canon RF 50mm f/.8 STM feature a similar petite stature to the EF counterpart, however it also features some improvements. These include a customizable control ring – a new staple for RF lenses.

Furthermore, this control ring allows users to adjust exposure compensation, shutter speed, aperture, or ISO and with a flip of the side switch can adjust focus.

In addition, an aspherical lens element helps to reduce chromatic aberration and provides high-image quality even at the periphery of the image. And last, but not least, a Super Spectra Coating (SSC) is included to help minimize ghosting and flaring.

Pricing and Availability

You can pre-order both lenses via the B&H links below. According to Canon, the company expects to start shipping these new lenses by mid-December 2020.

For full features and more info head over to Canon’s website here.


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