Canon ML-100 and ML-105 Full-Frame Box Cameras Announced

Canon announces two new super-low light full-frame cameras!

CANON ML105 industrial full frame camera ef mount
Image by Canon

Canon has unveiled the Canon ML-100 and ML-105 – the next-generation multi-purpose box cameras with insane low-light capture. The two models are the successors to the Canon ME20F-SH and ME200 box cameras.

The new ML100/105 models record in a maximum resolution of 1080p, however they are able to do so in extremely low-light conditions and are rated at approximately ISO sensitivity of over 4,500,000, which is quite incredible. 

Next-generation 19 micron full-frame CMOS sensor

Furthermore, Canon has implemented a brand new, 19 micron full-frame 35mm CMOS sensor giving them this super-low light capabilities.

And while these cameras are designed for a specific niche, their modular design allows them to be easily integrated into various industrial environments and other specialty rigs for wildlife documentaries for example.

In other words, these ain’t no Z-CAM knock-offs, but totally different beasts. 

Canon ML 100 Back IO
Image by Canon – ML-100 front and back

Canon ML-100 12bit RAW Full HD 

The new ML series includes two models ML-100 and ML-105, each with two different lens mounts and two video output configurations to choose from, for a total of four camera options.

First up, the Canon ML-100 comes with a CoaXpress output, which is multi-functional and can be used to send a video signal, camera control and power on a single coaxial cable, ideal for use in industrial systems.

CoaXpress output – Canon ML-100

Furthermore, the CoaXpress terminal provides 12-bit RAW output at up to 73 fps in 1080p. The ML-100 also supports Region of Interest, which can improve frame rate output up to 164 fps at a lower, 720p resolution.

Check out these behind the scenes below, showing how the previous generation Canon ME20F-SH camera was used to capture some stunning night footage for a documentary:

Canon ML-105 Quick Features and Highlights

On the other hand, the ML-105 models is equipped with a 3G/HD-SDI output making it more suitable for broadcast or other standard video applications.

The camera is also capable of outputting Full HD 4:2:2 10-bit via this SDI terminal to  be recorded externally with a compatible recorder/monitor. It is quite plausible that Atomos will most likely support the ML105 with their Atomos Shogun 7 or other monitor/recorders.

Moreover, this models has a Canon DIGIC DV4 Image Processor, capable of delivering Full HD video at up to 60fps. Both cameras can be ordered with either a Canon EF or M58 mount for total system design flexibility.

Canon ML105 Front Back Canon EF Lens
Image by Canon – ML-105

Additionally, the EF mount gives users access to a huge range of still and cinema lenses, while the M58 offers lens customization and design choice for specialty lenses.

Pricing and Availability

The Canon ML-100 with M58 mount version is due to ship end of December 2020. While the ML-105 with EF/M58 and the ML-100 with EF mount are scheduled to be released in April 2021.

To learn more about the ML 105 and ML 100 cameras head over to

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