Canon EOS R5 gets Raw Light and C-Log 3 in firmware v1.3.0

Canon EOS R5 finally gets Canon Log 3 and Raw Light video format

canon eos r5 24-105mm
Image by Canon

Canon has released firmware update v1.3.0 for the EOS R5 giving the camera long-anticipated Canon Log 3 profile and new RAW light format.

Canon Log 3 has been one of the most requested features by EOS R5 users, and the firmware update has been a long time coming. And now it becomes a reality in the R5, bringing easier post-production workflow in terms of matching to higher-end Canon cameras such as the Canon C300 Mark III or C200.

Also, it C-Log3 should bring a bit more dynamic range and a more universal workflow as Canon Log 3 is quite commonly used with Cinema EOS cameras. 

New RAW Light format and Canon LOG 3

Canon RAW (Light) is the other big feature that makes a debut in firmware v1.3.0. However, it should be noted this is a new raw format, and it is not the same as the already available Canon RAW Light on cameras such as the Canon C200 and Canon C300 Mark III. 

It has been designed to work with lower bit rate files in the .mp4 wrapper. Moreover, this will make it easier for Canon EOS R5 users to record 8K and 4K video. All while still preserving flexibility in post-production and giving more room for grading.

The RAW light codec is currently compatible with DaVinci Resolve 17.1 and the latest version of Final Cut Pro. 

MacOS users are advised to also download an install the Canon RAW plugins v2.2 to get access to the new raw format in FCP X.

Furthermore, this firmware also adds a new 1080/120fps slow-motion option to the R5. 

Canon EOS R5 24-105
Images by Canon

Canon EOS R5 firmware update v1.3.0 New Features:

  • New Log profile – added Canon Log 3 
    • Support for RAW movies shot with Canon Log3 and RAW (Light) will be available in Cinema RAW Development and in Digital Photo Professional version in a future update.
    • Digital Photo Professional will also support the processing of RAW movies shot in Canon Log3 settings and the application of viewing LUT in future update.
  • New RAW (Light) movie recording size and [IPB (Light)] to 8K/4K to enable lower bit rate shooting. These settings can also be selected when RAW+MP4 is set.
  • Full HD or 1080p/120fps (NTSC, 100fps in PAL) high-frame rate
  • Electronic full-time MF – to the AF tab of the menu. When a lens is attached, manual focus adjustment is always possible with both One-shot AF and Servo AF.
  • Ability to turn off Monitor while recording.
    • Function [Monitor Off] to [Shooting info. disp.: Screen info. settings] in the Shooting tab of the menu. This update makes it possible for the camera’s monitor to be turned off at all times during shooting.
  • Transfer Time (estimated) is now displayed on the camera monitor during FTP transfer.
  • Adds the ability, when transferring images via FTP, to select protected images that failed to be transferred and protected images that have not yet been transferred and transfer them all at once.
  • Adds [Save/load cam settings on card] to the Function settings tab of the menu.
    • allows users to save the camera settings to a card, or load a saved file and restore the camera to the settings you saved to a card.

Fixes and Other Improvements

  • Fixes a bug with come CFexpress cards, which causes the camera not to function normally.
  • Fixed an issue where the camera cannot function normally when the drive mode is set to “High-speed continuous shooting” to shoot still images continuously.
  • Issue fixed in which the power may become suspended when the camera is powered via USB for an extended period of time.

Furthermore, the latest v1.3.0 update also updates the following apps accordingly:

  • Camera Connect 2.7.30
  • EOS Utility 3.13.20
  • Digital Photo Professional 4.14.0
  • Canon RAW Plugin 2.2 for Final Cut Pro X
  • Canon RAW Plugin 2.7 for Avid Media Access

Head over to Canon’s support pages here to download v1.3.0 firmware update

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