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Canon EOS R5 to Get Full HD 120fps, and C-Log 3 in Future Firmware?

Is Canon about to add 120fps in 1080p and lower bit rate options in 8K to the EOS R5?

canon eos r5 24-105mm
Image by Canon

This past week has been quite the ride thanks to the highly anticipated and overtly dramatized Canon EOS R5 (and R6) launch. And things are getting even hotter. Canon EOS R5 is rumoured to release a firmware update with C-Log3 and  Full HD 120fps, in addition to lower bit rate options in RAW as well as IPB in all frame rates and codecs. 

Both and are reporting the rumour, however, it appears that Canon is sending some mixed signals.

In the screenshot below, which is from a Twitter exchange, you can see Canon confirming the Full HD/120fps as available on the EOS R5. However, this feature is still missing from their official brochure or specifications that they have released.

Canon EOS R5 video specifications here

Now, it is possible that this may have been an error on whoever is posting from this account, or that they are simply taking feedback from the user base on possible new features in upcoming firmware updates. 

Canon EOS R5
Images by Canon

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Future Firmware Update for Canon EOS R5?

Interestingly enough, Canon Japan (use Google Translate) is actually listing these three additions (as being taken into consideration for future addition to the EOS R5): 

  • Full HD/120p recording size support
  • Added low bitrate mode to RAW and IPB for all resolutions and frame rates
  • Canon Log 3

Canon Log 3 support on the Canon EOS R5 can be potentially a huge update as C-log as generally limited to 12 stops. Initially, a few years back, Canon Log 3 appeared first on the C300 Mark II and offers around 14 stops of dynamic range. 

It remains to be seen if the EOS R5 sensor could deliver 14 stops DR, which would be a huge upgrade from the currently listed 12 stops. In addition lower bit rate options in 8K and IPB would bring more manageable file sizes, which again is a huge plus. 

1080p/120fps and C-Log3 coming to EOS R5?

And of course, 1080p/120 is really something the EOS R5 should have had already included at launch. The more budget-friendly Canon EOS R6 does support Full HD/120fps, but not the R5 at least for now at the time of the official launch. 

It is kind of baffling that the EOS R5 can do 4K/120fps, but it cannot do 120fps in 1080p? As of now, the EOS R5 specs still officially list only 1080p/60 support as the maximim frame rates in Full HD. 

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