Canon EOS R5 and EOS R6 Launch Presentations and 4K Footage

Catch up on the various regional Canon EOS R5 and R6 launch presentations

Canon EOS R5
Images by Canon

Well, after months of rumors, video specs reveals, and innuendo, the Canon EOS R5 and EOS R6 are now official. Today was a monumental day for the pro and enthusiast video community. Whatever your opinion on the Canon EOS R5 especially is, we can’t deny the engineering prowess on display today.

Canon just introduced the Canon EOS R5, the world’s first 8K RAW capable mirrorless camera. Sure, it comes with its quirks and problems – big ones at that. And, Canon even acknowledges the overheating issues in 8K and 4K/60 and 4K/120fps in their official marketing materials.

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But alas, we’ll see hundreds if not thousands of tests once the camera ships at the end of the month (and more likely in early August). 

Re-watch the official Canon EOS R5 launch presentations below!

And with that said, in case you missed the EOS R5 and R6 product launch presentations today, you can find them below. If you do know of any other regions not posted below, do share in the comments. I am sure I’ve missed some. 

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These presentation may cover the same info basically about the cameras, but they have different guests, Canon Ambassadors, and others, who’ve used the cameras and share different perspectives. 

I am also linking to some official footage released from Canon shot using the EOS R5 and R6 cameras. 

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Canon EOS R5 8K
Canon EOS R5 / Image by Canon Asia

Canon Europe – REIMAGINE: EOS R5/R6 Product Launch (1 hour presentation)

Here is some tasty footage Peter McKinnon shot on the EOS R5 (features some shots in 8K and 4K/120fps):

“The Artist” – shot by Peter McKinnon using Canon EOS R5
Canon EOS R5
Images by Canon

Canon USA & Canada – EOS R6 and R5 Launch:

Canon USA and Canon Canada basically had the same presentation

Canon Hong Kong has the best tagline for the EOS R5 launch – ‘Born to Rule’. It most certainly will. Check out the presentation below.

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Note: naturally this presentation is (I believe) in Cantonese.

Create 8K movies with EOS R5 – from Canon Asia

And finally, check out this 60 second TV spot by Canon Asia:

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Canon EOS R5 24-105

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