Canon EOS R5 8K Video Menu Options Leak

Just days ahead of the official launch, Canon EOS R5 8K video menu leaks online.

Canon EOS R5 8K
Canon EOS R5 / Image by Canon Asia

Just days ahead of the official launch, Canon EOS R5 8K video menu leaks online.

You’ve probably already seen it on various rumor sites, but just in case for those that haven’t – do read below. It appears that we just might have seen the first glimpse of the Canon EOS R5 video menu showing various 8K and 4K recording options. 

Canon EOS R5 and R6 Announcement LivestreamJuly 9th 8 AM EST

canon eos r5 8k 4k video menu frame rates
Canon EOS R5 8K video options menu screen

Furthermore, according to MirrorlessRumors, they have received a leak from a source claiming that they have successfully recorded around 20 minutes of 8K raw continuously without any overheating issues. 

Canon EOS R5 8K Video Recording Options

In a nutshell, the latest rumor says the following:

  • a 512GB CFExpress card can hold about 21 minutes of 8K RAW
  • the leaker has verified there is NO CROP in 4K/120fps and 8K/30p
  • apparently the EOS R5 does not support recording video to both cards
  • no overheating issues so far when recording 8K raw for 20 minutes continuously. 

Learn more about the Canon EOS R5 Video Specs in our post here.

And here are a few key takeaways from the video menu screen above. 

  • 8K-D stands for 17:9 8K DCI resolution (8192 x 4320)
  • 8K-U is for the broadcast 16:9 spec 8K (7680 x 4320)
  • The camera, whose screen is displayed in the leaked photo above appears to be set to PAL mode as we see both 24p and 25p frame rates options in 8K-D.
  • In addition to RAW, we can identify an 8K All-I and IPB (Long-GOP) options. The latter will provide a smaller file size. 

Will the Canon EOS R5 live up to the hype? Or will the Canon Cripple Hammer rear its ugly head? I guess, we’ll find out on July 9th. 

[via MirrorlessRumors]

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