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Canon EOS C70: Mini-C300 Mark III with 4K/120fps and RF Mount

You may want to reconsider your EOS R5 pre-order if you are serious about video…

Canon EOS C70 RF mount
Image by Canon

Canon just announced the EOS C70 – their first RF mount Cinema EOS camera. A “mini-C300 Mark III” in a beefed-up DSLR form-factor, the new C70 has a lot to offer. Oh, and Canon also announced an EF to RF mount Speed booster of their own! More on that later on. 

A Cinema Camera in a DSLR body Hybrid? 

Sharing the Super35 4K DGO sensor from the C300 Mark III, the EOS C70 can shoot 4K/120fps in 10bit 4:2:2 XF-AVC All-I or Long-GOP, and HEVC (H.265) in an MP4 wrapper. The C70 may be a “super-sized 1D C” lookalike, but the extra girth allows for a couple of mini-XLR inputs on the side and a full size HDMI output.

In addition, Canon included a BNC for time code – on the lower right side (a bit awkward positioning, but real-estate on this fugly guy is limited, so they get a pass here). The EOS C70 records footage on SD cards and features 2x card slots for simultaneous or backup recording. 

And the built-in ND filters will make documentary and event filmmakers very happy. 

EOSC70 Left Side with RF
Image by Canon

Super 35 4K DGO Sensor / Improved Dual Pixel AF

Inheriting the excellent C300 Mark III sensor, the EOS C70 is rated at 16 stops DR (*by Canon) in Canon Log 2, but that’s not that important here. What’s more important than the advertised 16 stops (13-14 usable max in reality) is that the Dual Gain Output sensor can produce some seriously great images even in higher ISOs. 

Also, the DPAF in the EOS C70 is the new and improved EOS iTR AF X (Intelligent Tracking and Recognition) system – same as on the Canon EOS R5.

EOS C70 top handle canon rf mount
Image by Canon

Canon EOS C70 Features

  • Super35 4K DGO Sensor – from C300 Mark III
  • Rated at 16 stops DR in Canon LOG 2 
  • RF mount 
  • 4K/120fps in XF-AVC 10bit 4:2:2 
  • 2K/180fps in Super 16 crop mode
  • Recording formats/codecs:
    • XF-AVC (MXF) ALL-I or Long GOP – 10bit 4:2:2
    • MP4 H.265/HEVC – 10bit 4:2:2 (Long-GOP)
    • MP4 H.264 – 8bit 4:2:0
  • Full HD up to 60p
  • Built-in NDs:
    • 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 stops
  • Canon Log 2, Canon Log 3, PQ and HLG
  • Dual Pixel AF with Intelligent Tracking and Recognition
  • Records onto dual SD card slots – UHS-II rated
    • supports multi-format recording
  • Electronic IBIS (not optical like on the R5)
  • Timecode – via BNC
  • Full size HDMI output
  • 2x Mini XLR inputs
  • Flip-out touchscreen
  • Uses the BP-A30/A60 batteries from the C300 Mark III
  • EF to R mount 0.71x Adapter (Focal Reducer/Speedbooster)
    • Pre-order: $599 at B&H
    • extra, optional accessory 
    • allows support for various full-frame Canon EF lenses
  • EOS C70 pre-order: $5,499 at B&H
EOS C70 flip-out screen – back view / images by Canon
Canon EF RF mount 0.71x Adapter Speedbooster EOS C70
Image by Canon

Canon EF to R Mount 0.71x Adapter (Focal Reducer/Speed booster)

Not surprising, Canon is making their own version of a “Speed booster” for EF lenses. Their new EF-EOS R 0.71x adapter features optics, which make it possible to use selected full-frame lenses on the C70 Super 35mm sensor. Do keep in mind that unfortunately this adapter has been designed for the C70 and won’t work on other RF mount cameras such as the RED Komodo.

The Canon EF to R 0.71x features 4 mounting screws on the side for a more sturdy fit to the camera body. As with most focal reducers, this adapter gives you approximately 1-stop extra light.

The adapter enables full communication between three EF lenses and the camera body:

Auto Focus, peripheral illumination and chromatic aberration correction, and the transfer of lens metadata are also fully supported.

EOS C70 Summary. Is the EOS C70 an R5 without the overheating issues or more of a Mini C300 Mark III without the 4K RAW?

Yes, the C70 does not have any internal raw recording capability, however, this is understandable as they had to cut corners somewhere.

However, the EOS C70 to me is a great example of ticking the right boxes – 4K/120fps in a solid 10bit 422 intra codec, affordable SD cards capture, Dual Pixel AF, and XLR inputs (no more ridiculous top handles with wires dangling). 

Canon EOS C70 EF to R adapter speedbooster full-frame
Image by Canon

Pricing and Availability

The new EOS C70 is available to pre-order from authorised dealers such as B&H for $5499, while the EF-EOS R 0.71x adapter at $599. 

For full specifications and to learn more head over to Canon’s dedicated webpage here.


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