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Canon EOS C70 Footage, Behind the Scenes/Q&A with Creators

Feast your eyes on more EOS C70 4K footage

Canon EF RF mount 0.71x Adapter Speedbooster EOS C70
Image by Canon

Check out more Canon EOS C70 footage, behind the scenes and Q&A some of the creators behind the promo’s shot on the new RF cinema camera.

Canon recently caused quite a stir in the video creation world with their freshly announced EOS C70 cinema camera. In addition, Canon’s first RF cinema camera quickly took the spotlight from the Canon EOS R5, which many video creators have already pre-ordered.

Not to mention the inevitable backlash from the overheating issues with the R5 has led many to videographers to reconsider whether the R5 is the right choice for them. 

Is the Canon EOS C70 Better than Canon R5 for Video? 

So, if you’re still debating whether the C70 is a better choice than the R5 for video (and I think it is), then maybe these promotional videos shot on the EOS C70 and corresponding behind the scenes can shed some light.

Pre-order the Canon EOS C70 on B&H

Of course, these promos were produced by Canon, so obviously they won’t be as objective as your own test or an independent third party review, but as of now there’s not much else. 

Canon Cinema EOS C70 In Action –  Kim Churchill Live Performance – shot by Australian DOP Kate Cornish

First Impressions DoP Kate Cornish:

EOS C70 – Advantages vs. EOS R5 for Video (and some disadvantages)

Furthermore, in my opinion the EOS C70 has a lot of advantages over the Canon R5 and other similar cameras.

First, it is a purpose-built camera for video in RF mount (the future for Canon), despite it’s beefy DSLR-like appearance.

Second, (and this is big) it features built in XLRs (mini XLRs, but still better than 3.5mm), and built-in ND filters giving you up to 10 stops compensation. And last, but not least – it features a solid 10bit 4K codec with up to 120fps slow-motion. 

Not to mention the dual SD card slots, which will save you a ton of money compared to CFExpress A cards for example, which I had to buy for my (still-waiting-on-my-pre-order) A7s III, in order to access the highest quality Intra codec in-camera. 

And also that DGO Super 35 sensor from the C300 Mark III, makes the EOS C70 a fantastic mini-C300 MK3. 

Canon also made a Full-Frame Speed booster for the EOS C70

However, despite it’s overwhelming benefits – to some the bulky size (compared to the R5) and the higher price tag, my be enough to sway the scales in favour of the EOS R5. 

EOSC70 Left Side with RF
Image by Canon

Canon EOS C70 Features

  • Super35 4K DGO Sensor inherited from the Canon C300 Mark III
  • 16 stops DR in Canon LOG 2 
  • Native RF mount 
  • Dual Pixel AF with Intelligent Tracking and Recognition
  • 4K 10bit internal recording:
    • 4K/120fps in XF-AVC 10bit 4:2:2 
  • 2K/180fps in Super 16 crop mode
  • Recording formats/codecs:
    • XF-AVC (MXF) ALL-I or Long GOP – 10bit 4:2:2
      • ALL-I limited to 4K/30p
    • MP4 H.265/HEVC – 10bit 4:2:2 (Long-GOP)
    • MP4 H.264 – 8bit 4:2:0
  • Full HD 1080/60p
  • Built-in NDs: 2/4/6/8 and 10 stops
  • Canon Log 2, Canon Log 3, PQ and HLG
  • Records onto dual SD card slots – UHS-II rated
    • supports multi-format recording
  • Electronic IBIS (not optical like on the R5)
  • Timecode – via BNC
  • Full size HDMI output
  • 2 x Mini XLR inputs
  • Flip-out touchscreen
  • Uses the BP-A30/A60 batteries from the C300 Mark III
  • EF to R mount 0.71x Adapter (Focal Reducer/Speed booster)
    • Pre-order: $599 at B&H
    • extra, optional accessory 
    • allows support for some full-frame Canon EF lenses (list to grow)
    • current supported lenses:
  • EOS C70 pre-order: $5,499 at B&H

EOS C70 Q&A and Behind the Scenes with Creators

Canon Europe recently published their Q&A and behind the scenes with Director Jolade Olusanya, who shot “Give this heart a pen” promo with the new C70 camera.

EOS C70 top handle canon rf mount
Image by Canon

To learn more about the Canon C70 head over to Canon’s website here.

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