Canon CJ20 4K Portable Broadcast Zoom with 2x Extender

Sports camera pros – you need to take a look at this lens!

Canon 20x 4K UHD Zoom CJ20ex5B
Image by Canon

Canon just launched a new Canon CJ20 4K portable broadcast zoom with a 2x extender and wider angle perfect for medium-sized sports events. 

This lens was announced at the same time as the new Canon EOS C70, which you can read all about in this post here.

This new CJ20ex5B is the latest addition to Canon’s esteemed UHDxs series of 4K UHD broadcast portable zoom lenses. Furthermore, the new CJ20 gives broadcast camera operators a bit more reach than the CJ15, which is a bit wider than the new CJ20. For many operators though, the new CJ20 will most probably be better value. 

Earlier in the year Canon also announced a new CJ18ex7.6B 4K UHD broadcast lens, which you can read more about here.

Get All The Shots with One Lens! 

Canon applied the latest in contemporary optical design technologies to give camera professionals in the sports arena a versatile new lens that would simultaneously extend both extremes of the focal range.

The CJ20 goes as wide as 5mm and thanks to its 20xz zoom extends to the telephoto 100mm – a game-changing focal range that is tailor-made for coverage of modest-sized sports venues such as combat sports, basketball, volleyball and more.

2x Built-in Extender Gives You 200mm Range

Designed for UHD broadcast cameras with native 2/3-inch sensors, the new CJ20 delivers outstanding image quality in a lightweight and compact form factor. The lens weighs just 4.76 lbs. and measures in at just 9.9″ long.

Furthermore, the lens features a built-in 2x extender that can expand the zoom range up to 200mm. Moreover, the ergonomics and digital servo operational controls of the lens are similar to Canon’s current line-up of portable zoom lenses, providing camera operators with maximum mobility.

Ready for 4K HDR (BT.2020)

Needless to say, Canon’s optical engineers and lens designers have envisioned the new CJ20ex5B lens to be used for 4K HDR capture. This is why the lens is imbued with a high-level 4K UHD performance across the entire zoom range. All thanks to Canon’s proprietary optical design technology and coatings, which incorporate materials such as UD and Super-UD lens elements, and a fluorite coating, that help to reduce chromatic aberration and minimize ghosting and flaring.

Focusing fluctuation has also been decreased due to an improved inner focusing system that improves resolution in the periphery areas of the screen.

In addition, the lens supports the wide colour gamut approved by the ITU-R BT.2020 UHD broadcasting standard – all features that are essential to HDR/WCG imaging.

CJ20ex5B Canon B4 4K UHD
Image by Canon

Enhanced Operational Controls and Ergonomics

The CJ20ex5B lens also boasts enhanced operational control over its previous models. Improvements include a quick power-on button, which allows the value encoder to initialize at the same time the lens is turned on, enabling users to operate the lens more quickly.

In addition, the on-board display provides the operators with the ability to access and adjust various settings rapidly. It is also compatible with Canon’s recently announced G-Series zoom and focus controllers, which deliver increased control of zoom and focus speeds and range.

Pricing and Availability

The Canon CJ20ex5B is scheduled for release early in 2021, however at this stage no pricing details have been revealed.

Head over to to explore the rest of the Canon 4K broadcast zooms and learn more about the new CJ20.

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