Canon C300 Mark III to be Announced Soon?

April 20th is the likely date for the announcement

Canon C500 Mark II full frame
Image by Canon

Canon will be hosting their NAB 2020 virtual press event on April 20th. Of course, the new products announcements are a close guarded secret. However, some rumours sites are reporting we may see a new Canon C300 Mark III announced during the press event.

Notorious rumour blog Nokishita (which is now active only Twitter) has apparently leaked specifications that CanonRumors reported on recently.

The current Canon C300 mark II is nearly five years old and in dire need of a refresh. According to the rumour report, it is very likely that C300 Mark III will be announced on April 20th.

Additionally, it will share the same body as the C500 Mark II. Also, it is supposed to have a brand new Super35 sensor, capable of 4K/120fps video and 2K up to 150fps slow motion

Another new lens we may see is a new ultra-wide Canon CN 10-25mm cine zoom. 

Canon C300 Mark III (rumoured) Specs:

  • C500 Mark II body; compatible with same accessories
  • Same optical axis as the C500 Mark II, C200 and C700:
    • users can use same bridge plates and shoulder rigs
  • New 4K Super 35 sensor
  • Dual-Pixel AF
  • 2K/150fps super slow motion
  • 4K/120fps without crop in Cinema RAW Light format
  • Dual native ISO with XF-AVC internal recording
  • Anamorphic de-squeeze, false-colour built in for monitoring 
  • EF & PL mount versions
  • Price: TBA

So, it looks like the C300 Mark III will be a C500 Mark II, but with a Super 35 sensor, which is actually grew news for many. We expect the C300 Mark III to be priced in the range between $10,000 and $14,000.

Be sure to check back for the latest Canon C300 Mark III news.

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