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Canon 8K Cinema EOS Camera with DGO and 8K/60p RAW in the works?

Canon is cooking up a new 8K flagship cinema camera

Canon C500 mark II full frame extension handheld teradek
Image by Canon

According to a recent rumor report, Canon appears to be working on an 8K Cinema EOS Camera with some really impressive specs!

These are some of the rumored specs according to a recent report by CanonWatch:

Canon 8K Cinema EOS camera – Features (rumored):

  • 8K Super 35mm sensor (with 3.2 micron pixel pitch)
  • Dual Gain Output (DGO like in the C300 mark III)
  • 8K up to 60fps 12-bit RAW
  • 4K RGB (2-Green-pixel binning on sensor) 90fps 12b RAW Output
  • Dual Pixel AF II
  • Dual Native ISO
  • DIGIC DV X (Faster AF, Faster I/O, Faster UI)
  • Price/Release: Unknown
Canon EF RF mount 0.71x Adapter Speedbooster EOS C70
Canon’s Speed booster on a C70 / Image by Canon

Furthermore, according to a source from the rumor, the camera is undergoing covert field testing. And while, at this stage, a release date is not yet known, it would be safe to assume we won’t see this released until April 2021 (NAB time) at the earliest. 

8K Canon Cinema Camera (maybe) at NAB 2021

In addition, their source also added that this new camera is apparently “grazy good”, and with even better image quality in low light compared to RED Helium 8K and Venice in 4K S35 mode. 

After all, this rumor isn’t so hard to believe, since Canon has been showing off their 8K prototype camera (based on the C500) at various trade shows for the past three years. 

And since their current S35 flagship Canon C700 (later superseded by a full-frame C700 FF version), wasn’t the success Canon top brass were hoping for, it makes sense for them to come up with an alternative. 

Canon Flagship Cinema EOS Camera Re-Shuffle

In addition, Canon has already started the refresh of the entry-level Cinema EOS lineup with the recently launched Canon EOS C70 (pictured above).

And since Canon started the “next generation” upgrades with the C500 Mark II and C300 Mark III cameras (replacing the C300 II and the now ancient C500), the next step would be a new C700/C700 FF flagship replacement with an 8K S35 sensor and DGO.

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