Canon 25-250mm Cine-SERVO Zoom CN10x25 IAS S Announced

8K ready CINE-Servo Zoom for Full-Frame and Super35 sensors!

Canon CN10x25 NAB 2020 Servo Cine Zoom slant

New for NAB 2020, Canon announces 25-250mm 10x CINE-SERVO lens. The new CN10x25 IAS S features outstanding optics, versatility and performance, in a compact and lightweight design.

Camera operators and DPs will be able to capture stunning 4K footage with the CN10x25. And, thanks to its world-class optical performance, build quality, and versatility, this lens will be perfect for the C500 Mark II and new C300 Mark III.

In addition, the new 25-250mm CINE-SERVO lens comes with a built-in 1.5x extender allowing it to reach up to 375mm in Full Frame. Moreover, the lens supports Full-Frame cinema cameras such as the C500 Mark II thanks to this feature.

Canon CN10x25 Left 25-250mm Cine Servo Zoom top c300 mk3
Canon CN10x25 // 25-250mm CINE Servo Zoom, Image by Canon

Canon 25-250mm CINE-SERVO CN10x25 Features

  • 4K/8K Resolutions Supported
  • High Power 10x Zoom (25mm-250mm)
  • Built-in 1.5x Optical Extender (range extended to 375mm)
  • Super 35mm and 35mm Full Frame Coverage
  • Detachable Drive Unit
  • 12-Pin Serial Communication supporting EF and PL mount lenses
  • Interchangeable Lens Mounts (EF & PL)
  • Pre-order at B&H: Canon 25-250mm CN10x25 – $29,999
Canon CN10x25 Left 25-250mm Cine Servo Zoom

4K/8K Optical Quality for Cinematic Capture

This lens was designed to produce corner-to-corner sharp images, even when paired with 8K cameras. The lens also produces the beautiful warm colour tones synonymous with Canon’s cinema lens family.

Versatile Focal Length Coverage

The 10x zoom lens can handle a wide range of shooting situations. Range starts from 25mm wide angle, to 250mm on the telephoto end. Moreover, the lens’ range can be pushed to 375mm with the built-in 1.5x Optical Extender.

Super 35mm and Full Frame Coverage

The compact and lightweight lens covers a range from 25mm-250mm. The built-in extender increases the image size when used with 35mm Full Frame sensor cameras such as the C500 Mark II.

Monitor C200 Canon C300 Mk3 Mark III CN10x25 25-250mm

Interchangeable Lens Mounts, and Detachable Drive Unit

The ergonomic drive unit can be added or removed to give greater flexibility and versatility for your production requirements. Additionally, the lens is available in EF and PL mounts. 

Note: The PL mount conversion is charged extra and performed via Canon Authorised Services.

Multiple Data Communication Functions and Support

The CN10x25 is compliant with a wide-range of communication standards thanks to the versatile lens-to-camera communication function. Moreover, the PL mount version supports Cooke /i Technology.

The lens also supports broadcast standard 12-pin serial communication. In addition, the lens also features a 20-pin connector, outputting accurate lens positional data for various virtual systems.

The Canon 25-250mm CN10x25 cine servo zoom is priced at $30,000 USD and will ship at some point in 2020.

Furthermore, you can head over to Canon to learn more about the 25-250mm Cine Servo Zoom.

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