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Bright Tangerine Axl EVF Bracket for ARRI, Sony, Canon, Zacuto EVFs

Get your EVF in place without the faff

Bright Tangerine AXL EVF bracket
AXL EVF bracket // Images by Bright Tangerine

The Bright Tangerine AXL is a new adjustable bracket compatible with ARRI Alexa Mini LF, Sony VENICE, Canon C700, and Zacuto viewfinders. In addition, the bracket is also compatible with the Canon LM-V2 touchscreen monitors on the Canon C300 Mark III and C500 Mark II cameras. 

The UK camera accessories maker has been known for making high-quality professional accessories for cinematographers, and their latest AXL EVF bracket is no different. 

Designed to make it a lot easier for DoPs and camera operators to adjust EVFs to their preferred positions. When compared to the original manufacturer’s kit, the AXL provides a premium-built alternative, while eliminating unnecessary movements.

Easy Customizable Adjustment for EVFs – ARRI, Canon, Sony, Zacuto

Furthermore, this will save you time on set, which may be a few seconds here and there, but in the grand scheme of things every second helps. 

And especially when you are operating under stress and a challenging shot comes up, knowing you can adjust your EVF in seconds to suit your needs can easily become an invaluable tool in the arsenal of every cinematographer.   

List of Compatible EVFs/Monitors for AXL EVF Bracket:

  • Sony VENICE – EVF model – Sony DVF-EL200 (F5, F55, and VENICE)
  • Canon EVF-V70 (can be used on C500 Mark II, C700, C700 FF)
  • Canon LM-V2 touchscreen monitor – C500 Mark II, C300 Mark III
  • ARRI MVF-1, MVF-2, EVF-1 & EVF-2 – AMIRA, Alexa Mini LF, Alexa mini etc.
Bright Tangerine AXL EVF
Images by Bright Tangerine

3-Axis Tightening System, no-hassle adjustment and drop-free design

The 3-Axis tightening system on the Axl mount, allows camera operators to easily position the EVF using one, single knurled thumbscrew. While the Drop-free design of Axl won’t allow your EVF or monitor to flop down, even when completely loosened.

EVFs are mandatory on cine cameras like the ALEXA Mini/LF, VENICE etc., hence why having access to a dependable way of making precise and quick adjustments is so vital. Not to mention that on a pro-level, cost is not so much of an issue, as parameters such as durability, dependability, and ease of use are often prioritized. 

According to Bright Tangerine, the rotation of the drop-free design is fluid, while limiters on the tilt adjustment keep the orange highlighted tightening screw, always visible and always accessible.

Proudly Made in the UK

Furthermore, the AXL EVF bracket has been proudly designed and built in UK using high-grade aluminium, which has also been anodised for more durability. Needless to say, the bracket features a lightweight, compact design that enables camera assistants to build a clutter-free camera rig.

The addition of a quick-release bracket also gives users a rapid set-up and break-down of your camera rig. Check out this awesome demo by Bright Tangerine below:

Bright Tangerine AXL EVF Bracket – Quick Features

  • 3-Axis knurled locking screw for fast and easy EVF adjustment with one hand.
  • Drop-free design prevents EVF from flopping down, even when completely loosened.
  • Integrated rotation limiters on the tilt adjustment, keep the tightening screw always accessible.
  • Compatible with almost all major EVF’s by adding more adaptors to your kit.
  • Built with high-grade aluminium & anodised for durability.
  • A minimal and compact design for clutter-free camera builds.
  • includes 2x 15mm (3-inch) sterling titanium “Drumstix” rods

Pricing and Availability

EU/UK Pricing:

The base kit ARRI version of the AXL EVF bracket is priced at £472 GBP and is currently on backorder. The Sony VENICE EVF and Canon EVF-V70 versions are priced at £572, while the Zacuto Gratical version at £577. 

(US and Canada) Pre-order at B&H:

To learn more and order head over to Bright Tangerine’s website here.

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