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Blackmagic Design Unveils DaVinci Resolve Speed Editor

Speed-up your Cut Page editing workflow with this dedicated, compact keyboard

DaVinci Resolve Speed Editor keyboard
Image by Blackmagic Design

Blackmagic Design just announced the new and compact DaVinci Resolve Speed Editor keyboard for Resolve’s Cut page. Designed to speed-up your editing workflow, the Resolve Speed Editor connects via USB or Bluetooth and is priced at $295 USD. 

Get the new Resolve Speed Editor for FREE! (Details below)

However, for a limited time, Blackmagic is including the Resolve Speed Editor for free with each purchase of DaVinci Resolve 17 Studio from an authorised reseller.

(Note: this offer is only valid through authorised dealers and not buying Resolve directly online from BMD’s website).

What is the DaVinci Resolve Speed Editor?

The DaVinci Resolve Speed Editor is a compact and portable editing keyboard, which eliminates the need for a bulky QWERTY keyboard. Therefore, in order to maximize the limited real estate, the function button area includes only the absolute-must have controls for editing.

Furthermore, the new Resolve Speed Editor has been designed to transform your Cut Page editing experience by offering significant time saving features, while borrowing many techniques from traditional broadcast editing tape decks. 

Image by Blackmagic Design

Multifunctional to Speed-up Your Editing Workflow

And unlike editing with a traditional mouse, the DaVinci Resolve Speed Editor has a control for each edit function and can perform multiple tasks at the same time. 

Some may look at the new Resolve Speed Editor as a “mini” version of the full-size Resolve Editor Keyboard, and to a degree they’d be correct. However, there are some features such as enhanced function keys on the DaVinci Resolve Speed Editor that are not even available on the full sized editor keyboard.

Additionally, some keys have an alternative function where customers can press and hold or double press to get a second function using the same key. 

Thanks to the large high-quality search dial, editors can now more accurately and quickly trim shots. Furthermore, the trim buttons can change the search dial into a trim control by simply holding the trim buttons and rotating the search dial. 

Image by Blackmagic Design

Sync Bin for Better Multi-Cam Editing

The sync bin is a new style of multi-cam tool that allows editors to find shots that are sync’d to the current shot in the timeline. It also makes it easy to find cutaways by using a familiar multi-view interface. Then, editors can use the camera keys to select an alternative shot, and source overwrite to edit it into the timeline.

Moreover, the audio level key gives users the ability to quickly set audio levels of clips by holding the key and adjusting the level using the search dial. Also, double pressing the key lets editors add a marker, and double pressing and holding allows them to set the marker colour.

The full screen button is highlighted red so editors can find it quickly and switch to a full screen view of their viewer. 

Resolve Speed Editor – Quick Features

  • Source tape allows faster clip searching
  • Large trim in and out buttons
  • New keyboard modes for intelligent editing
  • Buttons to allow search dial to live trim
  • Buttons to change transition type
  • Integrated search dial control
  • Keypad for direct timecode entry
  • Connect via Bluetooth or via USB cable
  • Pre-order: $295 USD
  • Or for limited time – FREE with a purchase of Resolve Studio (from authorised Blackmagic Design dealers)

Resolve  Speed Editor – Price and Availability

According to Blackmagic Design, their new DaVinci Resolve Speed Editor is available now for $295 USD.

However, as mentioned above, for a limited time, you can get it for free if you purchase the full version of DaVinci Resolve (Studio) from an authorised dealer.

Watch the full DaVinci Resolve 17 and Resolve Speed Editor presentation below:

Head over to Blackmagic Design’s website here to explore the new editor keyboard in more detail.

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