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Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 17 Beta 7 Now Available

Latest update brings improvements to the Color and Fairlight pages

DaVinci_Resolve_17_Color Beta 8
Image by Blackmagic Design

Blackmagic Design has just released DaVinci Resolve 17 beta 7 with improvements to the Fairlight and Color pages for editors and colourists. Users can now copy and paste clip grades using thumbnails, as well as quick export from the Fairlight page. Moreover, the update also gives users the ability to render out timelines with an alpha channel in file formats that support it such as ProRes 4444.

In addition, Beta 7 also includes improved track compositing in Color Managed projects, better media pool search functionality and improved performance when resizing clips with an alpha channel.

Download the new Resolve 17 Public Beta 7

Furthermore, the latest update to Resolve adds support for the Color Warper with the new DaVinci Resolve Advanced Panel keycaps. 

Explore the the new features in the previous Resolve 17 Beta 6 

Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 17 beta
Image by Blackmagic Design

DaVinci Resolve 17 Beta 7 – What’s New?

Support for the following new functionality:

  • Simple copy/paste of whole clip grade, node and sizing with Color page thumb selection
  • Color warper with the new advanced panels keycaps
  • Quick export from the Fairlight page
  • Range selection clip move using cmd-option dragging in Fairlight
  • Video tracks in Fairlight audio editor user track views
  • Importing an AAF to the current timeline using the scripting API
  • Rendering the alpha channel in single clip render mode
  • Version selection on edit timeline Fusion templates

Fixed the following issues and bugs:

  • track compositing issue in colour managed projects
  • user preference issue for fixed colour page node numbering
  • loop jog operation with Flex Bus
  • loss of Fairlight automation curve selections across application restarts
  • Fairlight page range selection issue in range and edit selection modes
  • console incorrect track selection when certain tracks were hidden (in Fairlight)
  • Compressor hold issue (in Fairlight) in channel mode
  • switching to Flex Bus issue while using a Fairlight audio accelerator
  • reset track selection issue where opening the Fairlight preset library
  • time since last save edited tag issue where switching projects
  • searching by date in the media pool issue in thumbnail view
  • an intermittent issue where subtitle drop shadow controls appear disabled
  • edit page issue for go to timeline start selection
  • one pixel black line issue when using the video collage plugin
  • an issue where resizing a clip with alpha would cause aliased edges
  • issue with timecode based navigation on interlaced timelines
  • missing markers and clip colors issue for DRT and DRB imports
  • saving presets and pasting attributes issue for Fusion and Resolve FX transitions
  • Fairlight side chain issue when loading a project
  • intermittent Fusion page caching to disk issue

Blackmagic Camera 7.2.1 Update for URSA Mini 12K

  • Fusion Renderer3D options listing issue with newly added Camera3D nodes
  • Fusion issue for copying, pasting or deleting tools in dual screen mode
  • with removing animation from a path using keyframing button
  • where nodes downstream of a MediaOut could cause errors
  • fail to re-instance when loading issue for certain Fusion instanced controls
  • an issue where Text+ shading elements could be missing for initial render
  • an intermittent hang issue for some node connections
  • an issue where proxy settings could cause a hang in specific situations
  • failure where loading external Python DaVinciResolveScript module
  • issue where MediaIn nodes would always incorrectly show as animated
  • user controls issue with incorrect min max ranges that behaved incorrectly
  • saved IMF presets issue which would not retain HDR settings
  • fixed saved H.264 presets with Intel Quick Sync that didn’t retain some settings
  • a H.264 Mac render issue where clips would not play on phones
  • image stabilization crash on machines with Intel Xe graphics

General performance and stability improvements.

You can head over to Blackmagic Design’s support page here to download Beta 7.

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