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Avid Media Composer 2021.3 Update Now Available to Download

Better titles and new Bin Status Bar added in latest Media Composer update

Media Composer 2021.3
Image by Avid

Avid has released the latest Media Composer 2021.3 Update with new features and improvements for a more streamlined editing workflow.

Furthermore, this update includes some new features and enhancements to make it easier for editors get more UI customization and do more with the new Avid Titler +. In addition, 2021.3 update also gives Media Composer users a new IMF Window to create IMF Original and Supplemental packages for OTT content.

A long-standing Hollywood favourite among pro editors, Media Composer has been gaining ground among more traditional video production facilities.

Also, the increased adoption was aided by a new pricing model allowing for indie folks to get in on the action. 

Of course, the NLE space is as crowded and ever-evolving. Major competitors such as Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and Da Vinci Resolve (which has been growing and expanding as a suite at a break-neck pace) are constantly adding new features and improving in a bid to add more users to their base (and in the case of Premiere, keep them from jumping ship). 

Media Composer may look a bit intimidating at first, but with every update over the past year it is becoming more and more user-friendly to beginners. 

What’s New in Media Composer 2021.3 Update:

  • Better Title+ experience and new features
  • New Bin Status Bar
  • IMF Creation Package for OTT (like Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc.)
  • User Interface customizations
  • Moving clips without overwritting

So, whether you are an experienced Media Composer editors, or a video creators looking to try it out – have a look at the latest improvements in the 2021.3 Update. 

  • Titler+ Updates and Improvements

Titler+ is one of the areas in Media Composer, where the NLE is seeing some big improvements in the last 18 months. Creating engaging titles in any editing software often poses some challenges, and this was especially true for Avid pre-Titler + but now things are quite a bit different. 

Avid has been adding more functions and features directly within the Composer window and mini tool bar, giving users more control of titles without having to open up the Effect Editor.

In addition, editors now can rotate text and shapes using handles within the Composer window. Additionally, text will now automatically wrap within a defined text box, and opacity can be applied to gradients within the color picker. 

Media Composer 2021.3 March Update
Images in this post by Avid
  • IMF Package Creation

A major new improvement in 2021.3 update relates to IMF Packaging workflow for OTT providers such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc. 

Although, editors working in Media Composer have been already able to export an IMF package for some time now, 2021.3 introduces the ability to create IMF supplementals through the new IMF window.

And as such, editors can link to or create IMF originals and then generate a supplemental package either inside or outside of the original without the need to re-encode existing media.

Furthermore, Avid also adds the ability to burn multiple CPLs (ie complex IMF packages) under one IMP.

  • New Bin Status Bar

In 2021.3 users also get to use the new Bin Status Bar, which is located at the bottom of a Bin. This Status Bar provides editors with valuable information regarding the total number of items in a bin. Moreover, this new functionality enables editors to either perform a multi-select in the bin, or simply view information about the entire bin.

Be sure to check out the overview of new features in the video below:

  • Customer User Interface Mods 

This was implemented based on user feedback. Therefore, Avid is adding a bunch of new ways editors can customize Media Composer to suit your workflow.

Furthermore, Avid are adding two new highlight colors (that adjust with the interface brightness settings, just like the existing highlights), and a new mid-gray skin (slightly darker than the current lightest option), as a sort of “dark mode”. These options are designed to reduce eye fatigue and strain on your eyes. 

  • Find Bin from Timeline

A popular feature on many Avid MC users for some time, the new Find Bin command can now be accessed directly in the Timeline when pointing to a segment.

Even more so, no selection is required from the user. All you need to do is simply right-click over the desired segment and select Find Bin to highlight the clip in a bin. The bin will open if closed, come forward, and the respective clip will be selected. Goodbye extra mouse clicks!

  • Moving Clips without Overwriting

This feature allows editors to move segments vertically or horizontally in the timeline, you won’t overwrite existing segments in the process. 

To learn more and download the latest 2021.3 March update head over to Media Composer’s dedicated web page here.

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