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Aurora Aperture Next Gen Rear Mount Filters Announced

New rear mount filters for wide-angle lenses with magnetic quick-release

Aurora Aperture Rear mount filter lens square

Aurora Aperture‘s next generation Rear Mount Filters with magnetic quick-release are here to solve a common problem with wide-angle lenses. 

Designed in California, the Aurora Aperture next generation rear mount filter system provides an elegant solution for ultra-wide-angle lenses without a front filter thread.

And also, these new filters eliminate the need for massive front mount filter with sizes up to 186mm mounted fitted onto bulky adapters. 

The new Rear mount filter system supports some very popular wide-angle lenses from major brands such as Nikon, Canon, and Sigma. Supported lenses include:

“The next generation rear mount filter system is a major upgrade from the CR format filter system. It expands supported lenses to several other popular ultra-wide-angle lenses, at the same time adds more filter choices. More importantly, the new system features a robust magnetic quick-release mechanism. ”

Aurora Aperture Rear Mount Filters:

  • PowerND, neutral density (ND) filters:
    • ND4 (2 stops)
    • ND16 (4 stops)
    • ND64 (6 stops)
    • ND256 (8 stops)
    • ND4000 (12 stops)
  • Soft graduated PowerGND filters:
    • ND3 (1.5 stops)
    • ND6 (2.5 stops)
    • ND12 (3.5 stops)
  • PowerDusk™, a light pollution reduction filter for astrophotography and for cityscape photography in blue hours by reducing artificial light pollution.
Aurora Aperture Rear Mount Filter Next Gen Circular (1)

Next Generation Rear Mount Filter System

Moreover, the big new improvement with this filter system is the innovative magnetic quick-release mechanism. You can easily install the filter simply by attaching the filter onto the magnetized adapter on the rear of the lens. Furthermore, the quick release feature simplifies the filter installation, especially for photographers working in harsh outdoor environments.

These rear filters are very compact and lightweight, and as such much easier to carry around. The filters are made from high-quality Schott D 263® T eco thin glass with multi-layer nano-coatings for their light reduction capability, resulting in accurate colour rendition and minimizing field curvature.

Ready for 4K, 6K, and 8K Video

These filters can meet the high-resolution demands of the latest high resolution cameras shooting 4K, 6K, and 8K video.

Construction includes a PFPE based nano-coating applied to both optical surfaces, ensuring the protection of filters against water, oil, dust, and dirt. This coating allows filters to be cleaned as substances do not adhere to the filter easily and are removed with little effort. The PFPE based nano coating has a 110-degree static contact angle, one of the best in the industry.

The filter glass is protected by a high strength stainless steel frame. The frame makes the filter easier to handle and adds protection to the filter glass.

The adapter is made out of Aerospace-grade 7051 aluminium alloy. Thus making this adapter practically twice as strong as the 6000 series aluminium alloy used in conventional lens filters.

Rear Mount Filter Aurora Aperture (1)

Price and Availability

The Aurora Aperture Rear mount filters are now available to pre-order via their Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. Afterwards, these filters are expected to hit dealers in September 2020.

And finally, pricing will start from $43 and goes up to $113 per filter, depending on the type of filter. In addition, Lens adapters will be $35 to $41, depending on the supported lenses.

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