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Atomos brings ProRes RAW to Fujifilm GFX100S Medium-Format Camera

The Ninja V can record 4K ProRes RAW from Fuji’s new medium-format mirrorless camera

Fujifilm GFX 100S ninja v
Image by Atomos

Atomos announces 12bit 4K ProRes RAW support for the brand new Fujifilm GFX100S over HDMI with the Ninja V 5-inch HDR recorder-monitor.

Furthermore, the Atomos Ninja V will record up to 4K/30p 12-bit ProRes RAW video from the camera’s 102MP resolution 43.8 x 32.9mm BSI CMOS sensor. You can learn more about the features of the new GFX 100S in our previous post here.

4K/30p ProRes RAW comes to the Fuji GFX 100S!

The new GFX 100S medium-format beast comes in a smaller body, but packs some serious imaging power not just in stills, but also in 4K video. And now thanks to the Ninja V and ProRes RAW, photographers can get the maximum video quality out of their camera.

GFX100S atomos ninja v
Images by Atomos

Perfect monitor for Hybrid Log Gamma, F-Log, SDR and HDR

The tiny Ninja V has an awesome and quite accurate 5-inch, 1000nit HDR high brightness display, which allows you to view the GFX 100S’ RAW signal in HDR in a choice of HLG and PQ (HDR10) formats.

Additionally, the monitor offers touchscreen access to tools like waveforms, magnify or engage peaking check focus for each angle and make any adjustments to get the perfect HDR or SDR shot. 

Further expanding on-set monitoring options, the Ninja V can send a video signal to the Atomos Sumo19, or the recently released NEON production monitors, for perfect HDR viewing by directors, clients, focus-pullers and cinematographers. 

White Balance and ISO Support 

ProRes RAW is a really nice compressed raw format to work with, combining speed with flexibility in post-production. However, with some cameras the ability to change certain image parameters is limited.  

Therefore, Fujifilm will release a firmware update giving users complete control over White Balance and ISO in an upcoming firmware update scheduled for Summer 2021.

Fuji also just held its virtual “X Summit Global 2021” which you can check out in full below:

Atomos CEO Jeromy Young said this about the ProRes RAW support on the GFX 100S: 

“I am excited that Fujifilm is adding another amazing camera to its line-up with RAW out capability to Atomos monitor recorders. Fujifilm’s long history of color excellence and Apple’s ProRes RAW codec are a winning combination. Add to this their commitment to embracing the full power and potential of ProRes RAW by suppling all the camera metadata needed to allow for the maximum amount of flexibility in post”

Explore further the power of ProRes RAW and what the Ninja V can do over at Atomos’ website here.

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