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Atomos Ninja V 10.3 Firmware Update Available to Download

New features such as Frame guides for social media, improved false colour, and new anamorphic de-squeeze options.

Atomos Ninja 10.3 Firmware Update
Images by Atomos

Atomos has just released a new firmware update for their Ninja V monitor/recorder.

AtomOS 10.3 firmware update comes loaded with new features such as Frame guides for social media. Because of that your social media content will be properly composed in the popular formats.

In addition, Ninja V users can now also manually apply a Full-to-Legal range conversion on the recorded input. Moreover, firmware update 10.3 brings improved false colour and anamorphic de-squeeze options.

If you are a Ninja V user, you can download the free firmware update here:

ATomos Ninja V
Image by Atomos


With the installation of this new update ALL users will be required to activate ProRes RAW, as a codec (as they would have done for DNx activation).

  • Following the Firmware update, if in ProRes RAW mode the Ninja V will default back to ProRes HQ.
  • When a RAW source is plugged in, or a user selects ProRes RAW Codec, a UI popup will ask for activation code to continue.
  • Even if the user has already been shooting with ProRes RAW, they must activate it in this update by visiting and follow the online instructions to generate a code.
Atomos Ninja 10.3 Firmware Update
Images by Atomos

AtomOS 10.3 Update New Features

Frame Guides for Social Media:

Addition of new Social media focused frame guide with action and graphic safe areas.

  • 1:1 (Square aspect ratio) (Instagram and Facebook)
  • 4:5 (Portrait, vertical aspect ratio) (Instagram)
  • 1.91:1 (Landscape, horizontal aspect ratio) (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter)
  • 9:16 (Portrait, vertical aspect ratio) (Instagram Stories/Instagram TV and Snapchat)

Addition of 9 Grid overlay

  • Providing the ability to utilise the rule of thirds theory for image composition.
  • False colour
    • IRE % labelling added to false colour scale
  • Ability to specify input Luminance range for HDMI, for increased compatibility with devices outputting legal range YUV signals in Rec.709
  •  The Input menu option allows for the HDMI input to be set to ‘Legalize ON/OFF’

Rolling File naming

  • Ability to maintain a continuous rolling file naming structure following formatting of a drive
  • An option provided to turn this function on and off

Addition of Anamorphic de-squeeze modes:

  • 1.8x Providing the ability to de-squeeze lenses such as Cooke Anamorphic/I lenses, in both standard and Special Flair (SF) versions.
  • 1.25x Providing the ability to de-squeeze lenses such as Ultra Panavision 70 and Panavision Ultra Panatar lenses.

Bug Fixes:

  • A refinement to Nikon RAW image, where in some instances a blue pixel would appear in the last line of the frame.
  • Improvements to AtomX SDI module where for some SDI inputs would occasionally not lock.

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