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Atomos announces Lumix S5 full-frame ProRes RAW Support

The Lumix S5 is giving the Panasonic S1H a real run for its money now!

Panasonic atomos lumix s5 ninja v prores raw full-frame
Image by Atomos

Atomos and Panasonic today announce the Lumix S5 will get 5.9K full-frame ProRes RAW support via HDMI to the Atomos Ninja V. 

With this firmware update, the Atomos Ninja V will record a maximum of 5.9K up to 30pfs, 4K/60p and even 3.5K Anamorphic up to 50fps in ProRes RAW from the LUMIX S5 full-frame camera. This is fantastic news for those looking to get, or already shooting with the relatively affordable Lumix S5 full-frame mirrorless. 

And in related news, earlier today Panasonic also announced a new Lumix S 85mm f1.8 prime lens for the S series mirrorless cameras you can read more about here.

Panasonic S5 atomos ninja v prores raw hdmi cable
Image by Atomos

Lumix S5 = S1H Mini? And with 5.9K ProRes RAW!

Anamorphic lenses and capturing in a proper 4:3 aspect ratio is a highly desired option for many video creators. Furthermore, with its 3.5K Super35 Anamorphic 4:3 RAW mode (3,536 x 2,656) the Lumix S5 becomes an even better value. And it Ninja V really becomes a vital addition to any S5 rig. And for those that own a Lumix S1H, the S5 now becomes a great B-camera. 

When paired with the Atomos Ninja V, the Panasonic S5 can output a RAW signal via HDMI, which is then recorded as ProRes RAW on the Ninja V. You can see a breakdown of available resolutions and frame rates in ProRes below.

Lumix S5 ProRes RAW Resolutions and Frame Rates:

  • 5.9K at 24/25fps and 30p ProRes Raw
  • 4K (4128 x 2176) up to 60p ProRes Raw
  • 3.5K Anamorphic (3536 x 2656) 50p ProRes Raw (Super35 crop)

To learn more about the Lumix S5 capabilities in both stills and video, check out B&H’s hands-on review below:

Lumix S5 joins the growing ProRes RAW family

Of course many of you are familiar with ProRes RAW and its benefits of providing more manageable file sizes and speed advantages, while retaining (most) of the flexibility of Raw.

Furthermore, ProRes RAW is supported in most major NLE’s such as Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere and Edius. In addition, other industry leading apps for colour grading such as Assimilate SCRATCH, Colorfront and FilmLight Baselight also support the format.

Alas, there is no sight of Resolve ever supporting the format, but one must not lose faith. Maybe one day.   

ProRes RAW Firmware Update for Lumix S5

According to Atomos, the firmware update unlocking ProRes RAW functionality for the S5 and Ninja V will be released end of November 2020.

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