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Atomos firmware enables full-frame 4K/60p ProRes RAW from Sony FX6

The envy of FX9 owners – ProRes RAW without the XDCA extension unit!

Sony fx6 shogun 7 prores raw 4k60
Image by Atomos

Atomos releases firmware update v10.43 for Shogun 7 enabling 4K/60p full-frame ProRes RAW from the Sony FX6 via SDI. And when it comes to RAW functionality, this is where perhaps the FX6 has the biggest advantage over the Sony FX9. 

Of course, the Sony FX9 does have quite a few advantages and differences compared to the FX6, but in the RAW department, the FX6 beats it in terms of ergonomics and cost-effectiveness. 

Sony FX6 –  ProRes RAW without an Extension Unit

The FX9 requires the bulky, unnecessary, and expensive XDCA extension in order to output a RAW signal to an external recorder. Whereas, all users need to do with the FX6 is plug in a decent SDI cable into the SDI output, connect to the Shogun 7 and start recording pristine 4K ProRes RAW up to 50/60p. 

How does ProRes RAW work on the Sony FX6?

The way it ProRes RAW works on the Sony FX6 is as follows. The Shogun 7 takes the 16-bit linear RAW data output from the camera sensor (via the 12G-SDI output of the FX6) and records it into ProRes RAW.

Furthermore, ProRes RAW uses an industry standard 12-bit LOG encoding for more than sufficient color depth, while retaining the speed and flexibility of ProRes.

Sony FX6 – Features, 4K Recording Formats and Price!

Sony FX6 camera operator
Image by Sony

Needless to say, ProRes RAW files are not only flexible and quick to edit, but are also smaller than other RAW formats. This greatly simplifies and accelerates file transfer, media management, and backup.

Jeromy Young, Atomos CEO, said: “I’m thrilled to be continuously working with the team at Sony to bring this to life and to add another of Sony’s camera to our ProRes RAW ecosystem. The flexibility and convenience of ProRes RAW makes the FX6 and Shogun 7 a perfect combination for any filmmaker seeking perfect colors and amazing latitude in post.”

Shot on Sony FX6 with Shogun 7 in ProRes RAW

Download AtomOS 10.43 update for Shogun 7

Atomos Shogun 7 users can now update their unit with firmware update v10.43 to enable ProRes RAW recording from the FX6. Note that the Sony FX6 camera will be shipping with its SDI RAW output already enabled.

You can download firmware update v10.43 from Atomos here.

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