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Atomos Connect: Pro HDMI to USB Converter for Streaming

Just plug and stream with your 4K camera!

ATomos Connect HDMI to USB Converter
Images by Atomos

Atomos Connect is a new pro HDMI to USB converter that is super compact and works with any HDMI camera or device. The Atomos Connect is the size of a USB flash drive; a convenient, reliable, and affordable bridge between professional 4K video capture and high frame streaming over USB. 

Simply Plug and Stream!

HDMI on one side, and USB on the other, the Atomos Connect supports 4K/30p signal on the HDMI side, and down-converts it to 1080/60p ready for streaming from your PC or laptop.

Further adding to its simplicity and universal support from popular streaming platforms is its price point. At only $79 it is an affordable way for anyone to stream over the Net. 

Whether you are a gamer, vloggers and/or educator you can use it alongside the professional Atomos monitor-recorder ecosystem or just use your camera to plug it into your laptop via the Connect. 

atomos connect usb to HDMI for streaming
Image by Atomos

No Drivers Required! Supports Twitch, OBS, and YouTube

The Atomos Connect lets you stream via popular platforms such as YouTube, Twitch and OBS. Alternatively, use can use your Atomos device for professional shot setup and recording and use Connect to simply convert the HDMI output to USB on the go for streaming on your Mac or PC.

Just like a USB flash drive, Connect is sleek enough to sit directly off your laptop or computer. No drivers are required and no power supply either, meaning it really is a simple matter of connecting your Atomos or 4K HDMI camera to your Mac or PC to start producing like a pro.

An Atomos recorder/switcher like the Shogun 7 is not required for the Connect to work. All you need is an HDMI capable camera, or another HDMI capture source.

Integrates with Shogun 7 for Multi-Cam Streaming

The Atomos Shogun 7 allows you to monitor and record up to 4x1080p60 streams simultaneously and then cue and switch in real-time with a simple touch of the screen. Additionally, the Shogun7 is able to accept asynchronous feeds (sources don’t need to be locked), allowing the user to use more affordable cameras for multi camera production.

Adding in Connect, lets you output the switched feed for live streaming on your Mac or PC. This makes the Shogun7 Connect package one of the easiest and most affordable options for professional switching.

ATomos Connect HDMI
Images by Atomos

Pricing and Availability

The Atomos Connect is priced at $79/€79 and currently available from authorised Atomos dealers worldwide.

Learn all about the Connect over at Atomos’ website here.

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