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AtomOS 9.3 Update for Sumo 19 Now Available for Download

You can now also save $500 on the Atomos Sumo 19!

Atomos Sumo 19
Images by Atomos

Atomos has released a new firmware update for the Sumo 19 monitor/recorder. AtomOS 9.3 update adds new features such as anamorphic de-squeeze options, social media content frame guides, 9 grid overlays, and more. 

In addition, this update is very similar to AtomOS 10.41 update for Shogun. Check out the details of what’s new in AtomOS 9.3 in the paragraphs below.

What’s new in AtomOS 9.3 for Atomos Sumo 19

Social Media Content Frame Guides:

  • 1:1 Square aspect ratio
    • for Instagram and Facebook
  • 4:5 Portrait, vertical aspect ratio for Instagram
  • 1.91:1 Landscape, horizontal aspect ratio
    • for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • 9:16 Portrait, vertical aspect ratio
    • for Instagram Stories/Instagram TV and Snapchat

9 Grid Overlay

  • Providing the ability to utilise the rule of thirds theory for image composition.

Legalize input signal levels

  • Ability to specify input Luminance range, for increased compatibility with devices outputting legal range YUV signals in Rec.709.
  • An option in the AtomHDR menu allows for the function to be to be set to ‘Legalize ON/OFF’.

New Anamorphic De-Squeeze Modes

  • 1.8 x – providing the ability to de-squeeze on full frame sensors.

For example, the Panasonic S1H when used with Cooke Anamorphic/I lenses, in both standard and Special Flair versions.

  • 1.25x – providing the ability to de-squeeze lenses such as Ultra Panavision 70 and Panavision Ultra Panatar lenses.

False Colour

  • IRE % labelling added to false colour scale

Rolling File naming

  • Ability to maintain a continuous rolling file naming structure following formatting of a drive.
  • An option provided to turn this function on and off.

17:9 DCI Letter-Box Support

  • Support for SDI inputs with a 4096×2160 or 2048 x 1080, HDMI 4096×2160 with resolution are displayed in a 17:9 aspect ratio.

Interlaced Display mode

  • Use this display mode for the Sumo19 for when using interlaced inputs.
    • The option is accessed via the Blue Menu button > Display Options > and selecting the ITNL button.
    • The feature is off by default. When connecting a interlaced signal a message will be displayed to highlight the option. The option is is turn on when the icon is displayed in white

Save $500 on the Atomos Sumo 19! 

In addition, Atomos is also offering a $500 discount on the Atomos Sumo 19 (now $1995/€1995) as part of their Summer Sale. 

Here is the B&H link to the deal on the Atomos Sumo 19 for those of you in the States.

Download AtomOS 9.3 from Atomos

You can explore the full set of features of the Atomos Sumo range here, and also head over to Atomos to download the latest update

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