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ARRI SRH-360 Stabilized Remote Head and SRH-3 Upgrade Announced

ARRI announces new and improved Stabilized Remote Head SRH-360 with 360 degree pan movement and stronger motors!

ARRI SRH 360 Stabilized remote head 1

ARRI SRH-360 is the company’s latest stabilized remote head for serious cinema camera payloads! The remote head supports camera payloads up to 66lbs/30kg. And the new ARRI SRH-360 brings even more freedom to camera operators and DPs. 

Thanks to a newly designed slip ring, providing unimpeded rotation on the pan axis, DPs and camera ops can now get some very slick 360 degree shots. 

However, ARRI has some good news for SRH-3 owners as well! SRH-3 folks can upgrade to the SRH-360 functionality with the new slip ring pan axis module. 

ARRI SRH-3 in action/Image by ARRI

The ARRI Camera Stabilizer Systems range is truly something to behold. Moreover, it represents some seriously complex, rugged, and dependable machinery made for serious budget productions.

The ARRI SRH-360, much like its predecessor the SRH-3, is a three-axis, entirely stabilized remote head. And, as such, it was designed to smoothly manoeuvre big camera setups on specialty crane vehicles and the likes.

And just like the SRH-3 before it, the SRH-360 is intelligent and adaptive. Furthermore, it is also fully compatible with digital controllers such as the DRW-1, DEH-1, and the ARRI Master Grips

In addition to the 360 degree pan axis functionality, which was an often requested feature by ARRI users, the head gets more powerful motors as well. 

Likewise, the torque of the pan motor has been increased by 50%. Thus allowing it to compensate for powerful centrifugal forces during high-speed camera moves.

This makes the SRH-360 even more flexible for dynamic environments such as action, stunts, vehicle work, sports, and live music performances.

ARRI SRH 360 Stabilized remote head 1
ARRI SRH-360 with Alexa MINI

SRH 360 is Shipping in Q2

The new ARRI SRH-360 will begin shipping during Q2 2020. And it can be purchased in different sets, with various joystick configurations.

Going forward, neither the SRH-3 nor SRH-360 will contain radio modules. However, it can instead be used with the new external radio modules ERM-2400 (2.4 GHz) and ERM-900 (900 MHz) in order to avoid problems with regional radio regulations.

To learn more head over to ARRI here.

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