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ARRI Signature Zooms for Large Format and S35 Announced

New full-frame cine zooms from 16mm to 300mm at T2.8

arri-signature-zoom-45-135mm 1
Images by ARRI

ARRI has just announced the ARRI Signature Zooms designed for both large format and Super35 cinematography. The range includes four cine zooms and a 1.7x extender for a complete coverage ranging from 16mm all the way to to 300mm at a constant T2.8 aperture (510mm T4.95 with extender). 

ARRI Signature Zooms include: 

  • 16-35mm T2.8 
  • 45-135mm T2.8 
  • 24-75mm T2.8 
  • 65-300mm T2.8 (110 – 510mm T4.95 with extender)
  • 1.7x extender (compatible with 280mm Signature Prime as well)

Designed with the same philosophy as the Signature Primes, the new zooms offer natural, sharp, and pleasing image that is uniform across the entire zoom range. And of course, the Signature Zooms will perfectly compliment the ARRI Signature Primes. 

See some footage shot on the new ARRI Signature Zooms below:

signature zoom arri lenses full frame large format
Image by ARRI
ARRI Signature Zoom 24-75mm t2.8
Image by ARRI

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ARRI calls their new 24-75mm T2.8 Signature zoom an “all-rounder”, since one can easily use just this one lens to get 90% coverage on most shoots. The Signature Primes and Zooms are of course, premiere high-end lenses, but being full-frame, one can easily see a familiarity when it comes focal length range. 

Moreover, the 24-75mm T2.8 is lightweight and compact measuring at just 24.4cm long and 4 kg. It also shares the same 114mm front diameter as the Signature Primes, and has a close focus distance of 41cm. 

ARRI Signature Zoom 16-32mm
Images by ARRI

And for those that want to go even wider than 24mm, the 16-32mm T2.8 Signature Zoom should do the job. A marvel of optical engineering, ARRI say this lens has a super-sophisticated optical design with an insane amount of glass inside.

And this is needed in order to produce a very wide-angle perspective with minimal-to-no distortion. Something that DPs will surely appreciate. The lens has a huge 156mm front diameter, however it is relatively lightweight at just 3.8kg. 

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ARRI 45-135mm signature zoom full frame large format
Images by ARRI

Mid-Range and Telephoto Zooms

Don’t let the looks of the ARRI 45-135mm Signature Zoom deceive you! This is actually a rather compact lens – it’s just 30cm long. And for its huge mid-range, this is quite an achievement.

Mirroring the svelte body of the 24-75mm, the mid-range 45-135mm also has a constant T2.8 aperture and a 114mm front. And it also weighs just 3.7kg making it rather suitable for stabiliser or handheld work. 

Do check out the dedicated ARRI Tech Talk below, which goes over the four new zoom lenses in more detail. 

ARRI 65-300mm t2.8 1
Image by ARRI

And finally, the behemoth 65mm-300mm T2.8 telephoto zoom completes the set of four. Naturally, this lens comes with a top handle given its size – a normal accessory for lenses of this class.

Furthermore, this lens can be expanded to a 110-510mm with the new 1.7x extender. However, the aperture drops to T4.95 when used with this extender. Nevertheless, this is a huge range, and for high-end productions, this slight light loss is not a real concern. 

ARRI also says this lens is free of focus breathing, which at this range is also very impressive. 

1.7x Extender for Even More Reach

And furthermore, the ARRI 1.7x extender is also compatible with the 280mm Signature Prime (extending it to 480mm T4.95). It has been designed to maintain the look of the Signature Primes thanks to its high-performance optics. 

arri 1.7x extender
Image by ARRI
“The Heist” – dir. Lesley Chilcott & Cinematography by Logan Schneider

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The 45-135mm and the 60-300mm T2.8 Signature Zooms are expected to ship sometime in Q2 of next year, while the other two wider angle zooms in Q4 2021. 

For more info and full specifications head over to ARRI’s website here.

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