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ARRI Signature Primes SUP 2.1 Firmware Update Released

ARRI updates their full-frame lens lineup with new LDS-2 improvements for Visual Effects.

ARRI Signature Primes SUP 2.1 Large Format Full Frame

ARRI has just announced the release of ARRI Signature Primes SUP 2.1. The latest Software Update Package (SUP) 2.1 for the ARRI full-frame lenses adds LDS-2 – the next evolution of ARRI’s Lens Data System. Furthermore, LDS-2 will deliver more accurate, faster lens data for visual effects and eliminate the need for initial calibration through absolute encoders. 

ARRI Signature Primes SUP 2.1 New Features:

  • Cooke /i support with automated protocol switching on third-party cameras
  • Automatic image flip for the 12mm T1.8 Signature Prime
  • New LDS-2 features for VFX:
    • Precise entrance pupil position information for close focus depth-of-field calculations.
    • Dynamic focal length information compensates for changes in image magnification at close focus.
ARRI Signature Primes for Large Format cinema cameras

In addition, SUP 2.1 update for the Signature Prime Lenses is backward compatible to older versions, no camera update is required.

Signature Prime lenses are supported with following ARRI cameras, including the latest Alexa MINI LF, Alexa LF, and the Alexa Mini. See the full list below:

ARRI Signature Primes Compatible ALEXA cameras
Images by ARRI

Head over to ARRI to learn more.

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