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ARRI Rosette Adapter RA‑5, RMB-8, and Interview with Roger Deakins

ARRI adds new pro accessories for EVF repositioning, or mounting lens motors, handles, and other accessories

k2-0034309-3 ARRI RMB-8 mounting bracket 19mm 15mm
Image by ARRI

ARRI has introduced a couple of new Pro Camera Accessories such as the Rosette Adapter RA-5 and Rod Mounting Bracket RMB-8. 

ARRI Rosette Adapter RA-5

In a nutshell, the new Rosette Adapter RA-5 allows camera operators, assistants and cinematographers to convert a 3/8″ 2-pin interface to a 90 degrees rotating ARRI rosette. Additionally, users can unscrew the pins if not needed and park them in the side of the bracket, to prevent them from getting lost easily. Mounting the Rosette RA-5 is quick and easy, and it does not require any tools.

A 90-degree rotating rosette mount gives camera operators plenty of options to add accessories such as handles and configure their rig accordingly. 

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ARRI Rosette RA-5
Image by ARRI

ARRI RMB-8 Rod Mounting Bracket 

Furthermore, ARRI also announced a new pro camera accessory to simplify your onset camera workflow. The new ARRI Rod Mounting Bracket RMB-8 features a compact design and is compatible with 19 mm and 15 mm rods.

Moreover, the integrated ARRI Multi HEX screw works with either HEX 3, 4, 5 or 5/32” screwdrivers, makes it a more versatile tool. With this mounting bracket camera assistants and operators can reposition the EVF easily or add lens motors and other accessories to the camera rig without adding too much bulk. 

ARRI Celebrates ALEXA 10th Anniversary

ARRI PCA RMB-8 rod mounting bracket for accessories with 15mm rod adapter
Image by ARRI – RMB-8

Camerimage 2020 Interview with Roger Deakins

As with most industry gatherings this year, the premier cinematography festival Camerimage 2020 (usually held in Poland) also got the digital treatment.

Check out the ARRI-hosted online talk with legendary cinematographer Roger Deakins and his collaborator James Deakins on his work prolific work with the Coen brothers. Other topics of discussion include Deakin’s Oscar-winning work on Blade Runner 2049, his creative processes, and the impact of the latest technology developments.

For pricing and pre-order info on these accessories contact your local ARRI dealer.

[via ARRI]

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