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ARRI EF Mount (LBUS) for ALEXA Mini and ALEXA Mini LF

Easily adapt any EF mount cine lens or stills lens to the ALEXA Mini (or Mini LF)

ARRI alexa mini LF EF lbus mount
Image by ARRI

ARRI has just announced their new ARRI EF mount (LBUS) allowing you to use a huge range of EF mount lenses on the ALEXA Mini and Mini LF cameras.

In addition to the Alexa Mini LF, and Alexa Mini, the new EF mount with LBUS will also mount on the AMIRA. However it is worth noting that since the AMIRA does not support LBUS directly, you have to use an EXT port to LBUS adapter cable to connect the to the LBUS accessory of choice such as OCU-1, Master Grips, WCU-4 and more.

ARRI EF Mount vs new EF Mount (with LBUS) – What’s the difference?

As you may already know, ARRI already has an EF mount adapter for the ALEXA Mini (part #K2.0001103), with Image Stabilization support. The obvious different is the addition of the LBUS port. It enables camera assistants to connect LBUS accessories such as wireless lens control systems, wired lens motors with OCU-1 or Master Grips. 

However, the there is another difference. The new EF Mount with LBUS is comes with a wider light baffle so it can also designed to cover the large-format sensor of the ALEXA Mini LF.

Needless to say, the ARRI EF mount (LBUS) also covers the Super 35 sensors of the ALEXA Mini and AMIRA. The older EF mount was designed only for Super 35 sensors.  

Explore the new ARRI Signature Zoom lenses for large-format

ARRI alexa mini LF EF lbus lens mount for EF lenses
Image by ARRI

LDA lens metadata, image stabilization support

One of the biggest benefits of the new LBUS EF lens mount is the clean and simple setup. The LBUS addition will make it easier for camera assistants to quickly setup external lens motors, without the need to use the EXT connector on the Mini LF and Alexa Mini.

Another benefit, is support for ARRI Lens Data Archive, which means that metadata from the external lens motors will be displayed as well as recorded. 

Use a Huge Range of Full-Frame EF Lenses with ALEXA Mini LF

Additionally, the EF Mount (LBUS) gives cinematographers access to over a million photography-oriented EF mount lenses including specialty lenses – from fisheye to tilt-shift lenses. And these can often be either very hard to find in a cine version, or simply not made for cine use.

The new LBUS EF adapter really opens the flood gates when it comes to EF lenses (as well as any lens that can be adapted to EF mount).

ARRI alexa mini EF lbus mount for Canon EF lenses trinity stabilizer
Image by ARRI

ARRI EF Mount with LBUS Highlights Features

  • Designed to cover the large format ALEXA Mini LF 
  • Compatible with: 
    • ARRI Alexa Mini LF
    • Alexa Mini
    • ARRI AMIRA – *must use EXT to LBUS adapter
  • Supports IS on stills EF lenses
  • Wide range of EF lenses can be used
  • Locking ring style on the EF side for rock-solid attachment
  • Lens Data Archive (LDA) to display and record metadata 
  • Clean and fast setup with ARRI cforce lens motors
  • Compatible with LBUS accessories:
    • WCU-4 hand control unit, OCU-1, Master Grips

Dive deeper into the new mount with this dedicated ARRI Tech Talk, featuring a demo on how to attach the EF LBUS mount to the ALEXA MINI LF, and more.

To learn more and explore the various lens mounts for the ARRI Alexa MINI LF and other ARRI cameras head over to their website here.

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