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Behind the Cinematography of Netflix Series “DARK” shot on ARRI

Explore the fascinating visual world of Netflix hit show “DARK”

Dark Netflix Original
Image by Netflix

ARRI has released a fascinating short documentary and a unique behind-the-scenes look at the cinematography of Netflix original series “Dark”

Now in Season 3, “Dark” is the first German-language original series from Netflix. And for those note yet familiar with the show, it’s kind of like a German version of “Stranger Things”, but more serious and thought-provoking. 

If you are a filmmaker, I highly recommend you check out “Dark“, along with “Mindhunter“, it’s possibly the most well-produced and written premium narrative drama on Netflix.

How they Shot “Dark” for Netflix – A Cinematographer’s Perspective

ARRI recently released “The Art of Dark” – a short documentary behind the scenes featuring interviews with the show’s DP Nikolaus Summerer and ARRI folks, who were involved in supporting the show with gear. In addition, the mini-doc also features some very insightful commentary from other crew members including the colourist and sound designer.

Explore the history of ARRI Alexa as it celebrates its 10th Anniversary! 

ARRI Alexa 65 Large Format + ARRI Ultra Primes

If I am not mistaken, “Dark” was the first series to use the Alexa 65 – ARRI’s flagship 65mm digital cinema camera. A rental-only option, the ARRI Alexa 65 was also used to film other notable productions such as “Joker” and “The Revenant”

Furthermore, the DP also provides some interesting insights on his decision to use the ARRI Ultra Primes, which were not designed for large format cinematography. 

He also collaborated with ARRI to create custom hand-paint camera filters, and told an interesting story of how a camera intern was responsible for one of the most iconic pieces of “Dark”. 

ARRI Rental ALEXA 65 large format
Image by ARRI
ALEXA 65 Showreel by ARRI

Head on over to ARRI to explore their camera systems in more detail. 

[via ARRIChannel]

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