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ARRI AMIRA Live Cinematic Super 35 Camera for TV Announced

ARRI expands camera range with new AMIRA Live for multi-cam broadcast productions

ARRI Amira Live
Image by ARRI

ARRI expands their camera range with a new AMIRA Live camera designed specifically for multi-cam broadcast and live live productions. This new version of the AMIRA brings cable-free (to the camera) Fibre Adapter integration and a new dedicated studio viewfinder/monitor. 

Industry Benchmark ALEV III Super 35 sensor

Based on the same AMIRA design, the “Live” camera shares pretty much the same body (with some I/O differences), however it adds some upgrades for live production environments. 

Furthermore, the AMIRA Live shares the same ALEV III Super 35 sensor as the ALEXA Mini, AMIRA and Alexa Classic/XT range (as well as all other ALEXA cameras). This means that users get that sweet ARRI colour science, dynamic range and rich textures and skin tones. 

Cinematic Look Built for Multi-Camera Setups 

Moreover, as this is an ARRI camera with an ALEV III sensor, it is rated at 14+ stops of dynamic range, which is more than plenty for any broadcast live application. You can look at the AMIRA Live as a “regular” AMIRA with a cable-less Fibre Adapter. 

Unlike the original AMIRA, which required a few cables to connect to the Fibre Adapter, the new Live model removes this need. However, it also does takeaway the SDI output from the camera body. 

Cable-Free Fibre Adapter for the Camera

And even though, the Fibre Adapter is removable, it does contain the only way to connect an external monitor via SDI. However, even though camera operators can still use the original MVF-1 viewfinder from the AMIRA, the new model is a purpose-built camera for multi-cam TV studio scenarios.

ARRI EF mount LBUS for ALEXA Mini LF

Therefore, if you want to use it as a “shoulder-mount” Super35 ARRI camera, you are better off using the OG AMIRA in this case. 

ARRI Amira LIVE multi-cam tv productions camera

ARRI VMM-1 multi-cam monitor for AMIRA LIVE 

Also new for the camera is the VMM-1 multi-camera 10-inch monitor (or broadcast/studio camera EVF if you want to call it that).

In addition, the monitor mounts directly to the camera, however it also offers an option to be daisy-chained thanks to the CCP-1 – Camera Control Panel-1. 

Celebrate 10 Years of the ALEXA camera

Designed specifically for the new AMIRA model, the VMM-1 offers backlight, color, contrast and peaking adjustments as well as a quick release bracket at the base. 

And just like the AMIRA, the new Live model is also compatible with B4 lenses via the appropriate B4 lens mount adapter. 

Images and videos in this post by ARRI

AMIRA Live Quick Features/Highlights Summary

  • No more external cables between AMIRA Live and fiber backend unit
  • Built for multi-camera live broadcasts and TV productions
  • Faster setup of the camera system
  • Reduced risk of accidental cable disconnection or damage
  • Same Super 35 cinematic images from the ALEV III sensor shared across the ALEXA/AMIRA range of cameras
  • B4 lens mount compatible 
  • Cleaner camera configuration easier to work with for camera operators

To learn more about what the AMIRA Live can do, check out this impressive behind the scenes below:

SUP 6.1 Software Update for AMIRA

In addition, ARRI also brings out a new firmware update SUP 6.1, which brings improvements and enhancements to multi-cam functionality of the AMIRA range. 

Improvements in ARRI SUP 6.1:

  • Better noise reduction
  • Improved sharpness
  • Defect Pixel Correction is also improved
  • Intercom talkback via user button or VTR for easier comms when using the camera on the shoulder
  • Green tally in the EVF and auto boot-up
  • Use your cine zooms and/or cine primes as system’s camera lenses – no additional kit required: users get direct RCP Iris Control via cforce RF motors

To learn more and dive deeper into the world of multi-cam and AMIRA head over to ARRI’s website here.

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