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Aputure Sidus Link Bridge Wireless App Control for Legacy LEDs

Sidus Link remote control via smart app now available to a range of older Aputure LEDs

aputure sidus link bridge
Image by Aputure

Aputure has just unveiled their new Sidus Link Bridge enabling wireless remote control from the Sidus Link app for legacy Aputure LED lights such as the COB 300D, 120D Mark II and more.

In essence, Sidus Link Bridge is a 2.4GHz RF/Bluetooth intermediary wireless transceiver that allows you to connect older 2.4GHz Aputure LED lights, such as the HR672, Tri-8, the 120d Mark II, & Aputure 300d COB with the Sidus Link app for extended remote control.

Older Aputure gear does not have the more modern bluetooth mesh technology, hence the need for an extra box/wireless transceiver such as the Sidus Link Bridge. Which in essense translates the bluetooth mesh singnal into 

Wireless App Control for Legacy Aputure LEDs

I own a 120D Mark II, and I am particularly excited about this new transceiver, which will give me a new way to interact and control the light, which I use for corporate gigs.

aputure sidus link bridge transceiver
Images by Aputure

Sidus Link Bridge Features

  • Allows wireless remote control via Sidus Link app for the following legacy lights:
    • Aputure Amaran Tri-8
    • LS 120D mark II, LS 300D
    • LS 1 series
  • Range – 80 meters/400 meters when in Sidus Bluetooth Mesh with other devices
  • 9 built-in lighting FX for compatible legacy LED lights:
    • Fire, Paparazzi, Pulsing, Strobe, Fireworks, Cop Car and more
  • Sidus Link Pro FX “Picker” – captures and sends new effects to legacy lights
  • Control up to 12 sets of lights (3 channels/4 groups)
  • Pre-order: $89 USD at B&H

A new world of creative possibilities for older LED lights!

Newer Aputure lights such as the multi-color “pocket” MC, the Nova P300c soft panel, the more recently announced Accent B7c smart LED bulb, and the powerful Aputure 300X bi-color already have native support with the Sidus Link thanks to a built-in Bluetooth mesh module. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with legacy Aputure LEDs.

However, there are many video creators out there, who already own the 120D and 120D Mark II in particular (not to mention the Aputure Tri-8, which is also very popular), but were missing until now on advanced remote control via the Sidus Link app.

Therefore, Aputure decided to create the Sidus Link Bridge, to give those Aputure users, who’ve bought Aputure lights years ago and supported the brand, and get them onboard with their newest remote control technology.

Aputure 120D Mark II

Control Multiple Lights from a Smartphone or Tablet

The new device uses the same wireless protocol as the compact remote, allowing it to send signals to up to 3 channels (1/2/3) and 4 groups (A/B/C/D). Therefore allowing you to control up to 12 different sets of lights from your smartphone.

Furthermore, the Sidus Link Bridge can control legacy lights from up to 100 meters away. In addition, it is able to integrate into the Sidus Mesh network, connecting to other devices from up to 80 meters away, for a maximum of 400 meters from your phone when linked to additional Sidus Mesh fixtures.

And since Bluetooth-mesh connected devices form their own network and strengthen the signal, you won’t loose the network even if your phone dies.

aputure sidus link bridge with box
Image by Aputure

IP-65 Dust/Waterproof, Rugged and Lightweight Design

Moreover, the new Sidus Link Bridge comes with a sleek design as you’d expect from any Aputure light or accessory. The unit is IP65 rated against dust & water ingress, and sports an aluminium-alloy design. This ensures a longer lifespan and lightweight foot-print. 

In addition, the Sidus Link Bridge is rated for 18+ hours of battery life and features a super-fast USB-C PD charging. Furthermore, the unit also has 4 LED indicators with adaptive brightness contributing to its cleaner interface and design. 

aputure sidus link bridge wireless bluetooth mesh
Image by Aputure

Add Custom Light Effects to Legacy Aputure Lights

And thanks to the new Sidus Link Bridge the compatible legacy 2.4GHz Aputure lights get 9 built-in lighting FX. Not only that, but Aputure has also added the “Picker FX” function. It gives users the ability to scan and transmit custom FX to compatible Aputure legacy lighting fixtures. 

In case you missed it, be sure to check out the Sidus Link Bridge launch livestream below. It’s over an  hour, but it’s packed with very useful and detailed information. including an awesome Sidus Link app demo from Ted.

You can pre-order the Sidus Link Bridge for $89 from B&H and head over to Aputure’s website here to learn more.

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