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Aputure launches Power Station, NOVA P300c Barn Doors, F10 Fresnel

Budget Aputure Light Dome SE is priced at just $99 USD

nova p300c firmware barn doors
Images by Aputure

Aputure launches some much-awaited lighting accessories including 2-bay Battery Power Station, Light Dome SE, F10 fresnel and barn doors.

In addition, the company also released pricing for these accessories in addition to the new NOVA P300c barn doors, which are also available to order. You can see pricing for each accessory down at the bottom in the last paragraph of this post.

This past year has been quite the ride for Aputure as the company announced several new major lighting fixtures including the Light Storm 600d Pro, and NOVA P300c soft panel.

Furthermore, Aputure also launched a new line of affordable studio LED lights under the Amaran banner – 100x, 100d, 200x, and 200d. You can read all about these in our previous post here

Aputure 2-bay battery Power Station

Priced at $179, the Aputure 2-Bay Battery Power Station can convert your standard 14.4V V-Mount or Gold Mount Batteries to a 48V DC output. This allows gaffers and cinematographers to power any 48V compatible fixture, including the Nova P300c as well as the more affordable Amaran 100x, 200x, 200d, and 100d LED lights.

With high-load batteries, the 2-Bay Battery Power Station can output 10A at 48V for an immense 480W output, which satisfies the power requirements of many fixtures.

Furthermore, the lightweight Power Station can be easily attached to C-stands via the Quick-Release Lighting Clamp.

Amaran aputure power station
Images by Aputure

Light Dome SE

Build for content creators, the new Light Dome SE is priced at just $99 and has a native Bowens mount. This means it is compatible with both the latest Amaran COB lights and the 300d Mark II, 120d II, etc. In addition, it offers a 33.5 inch diameter diffusion area, which is almost the same as the Light Dome II.

However, unlike the Light Dome II, the SE is not collapsible and features rods made out of fibre glass as opposed to metal. For most productions this shouldn’t be an issue, and will be perfect for studio use, where it will stay mounted “permanently” to a fixture.  

The Light Dome SE includes two types of diffusion fabric, one light (1.5 stops) and one heavy (2.5 stops) giving users options between output and more softness.

Light Dome SE mounted on Amaran 200d
Light Dome SE by Aputure

NOVA P300c Soft Panel Barn Doors

It’s no secret that 9 times out of 10, barn doors on a soft panel LED are a waste of money. Due to the inherent nature of spill coming from the distance between the barn door mounting point and the diffusion surface, results are often disappointing. However, Aputure have found a way to eliminate spill and deliver a lighting modifier that can “direct” the beam of the Nova P300c.

Of course, this control is not super precise (after all, these four-leaf barn doors aren’t attached to a fresnel lens, we’re talking about an RGBWW soft panel LED here) but the new P300c Barn Doors offer hook-and-loop fabric covers to block out that spill and give you a more directional beam when hitting a diffusion frame for example.

p300c nova barn doors

F10 Fresnel and F10 Barn Doors

And speaking of fresnel lenses, Aputure’s long-awaited F10 Fresnel is now available. Hailed as “the first 250mm, 10-inch, Bowens Mount Fresnel modifier, capable of matching the quality of light of a tungsten 5K”, the F10 fresnel is impressive.

The unit offers a 15 to 45 degree variable beam angle, and Aputure’s signature 2-stage optical design. And also, more importantly, the F10 Fresnel can increase a Bowens Mount LED’s output, such as with the LS 600d Pro, by 10x.

Also joining the line-up are the accompanying F10 Barn Doors, designed specifically for the F10 Fresnel. These slide into its standard 13.1-inch Drop-In Accessory Slot. And similar to classic Fresnel Fixtures, the leaves on the F10 Barn Doors are designed to be large enough to properly shape and control the output of an industry-standard 10-inch Fresnel.

Additionally, Aputure is also shipping a Negative Reflector dish alongside the F10 barn doors. This dish allows users to mount the F10 barn doors directly onto the 600d or another Bowens mount COB without using a fresnel lens attachment. 

aputure ls 600d barn doors
Image by Aputure

Do catch-up with the official launch live stream below with Ted from Aputure:

Pricing and Availability

You can pre-order the 5 new accessories from B&H via the affiliate links below. Availability will be challenging, as is always the case with Aputure products.

B&H are listing them as “awaiting stock soon”, however due to the expected high-demand for most of these, deliveries may take a while.

So, best not to delay ordering, if you are set on getting any of them. Also, do note the Nova P300c Barn Doors are listed as “in stock” as of the time of writing this post. 

via Aputure

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