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Aputure NOVA P300c Soft Panel RGBWW Launch

First RGBWW LED member of the new NOVA family is out!

Aputure just launched their NOVA P300c RGBWW LED soft panel, how available from major distributors and dealers worldwide. This film set-ready powerhouse Soft Panel can output around 9,000 lux of light at 1 meter, in roughly the size of a ARRI S30. 

However, the Nova P300c, as some of you are already familiar, is far from just a one-trick pony. Built to last from high-quality aircraft grade aluminium, the NOVA is durable and built to withstand bumps and bruises on film sets.

In addition, the Nova P300c also offers incredible light control with full HSI tuning, plus/minus Magenta and Green adjustment, various power options, numerous built-in Special Effects and a ton of industry standard filters. 

And on top of all, is the incredible RGBWW design incorporating two White chips for superior light quality. 

Sidus Link App Control from Tablet of Smartphone

During the launch presentation, Ted from Aputure said that the P300c is the first light out of the gate from the new NOVA family of lights. He also did reveal what the name stands for – P is for Panel Light, 300 is the power consumption, and C is for colour. 

Makes sense, and I am sure we can expect different sizes Panel lights from the NOVA family and why not even RGBWW tubes? 

Similar to the Aputure 300D II and The 300X, the NOVA P300c is fully compatible with the excellent Sidus Link app, using bluetooth mesh technology for more reliable and greater mobile control from a compatible smartphone or iPad.

This is a fantastic time saver feature as it allows users to adjust parameters from a distance when the light is difficult to reach. As seen in the promotional video, the P300c is a truly versatile light – hang it from a ceiling, raise it on a C-stand, boom it, and much more. 

Aputure NOVA P300c Features/Specs:

  • 300W RGBWW LED Soft Light Panel
  • Rugged, aircraft aluminium design
    • with minimum hardened plastic bits
  • Up to 9,000 Lux at 1 meter
  • CRI & TLCI >95+
    • SSI Tungsten 85
  • Soft 120-degrees Beam Angle
  • Fully Tuneable CCT from 2,000K to 10,000K
  • Green-Magenta Adjustment in CCT Mode
    • Full Plus/Minus Green
  • RGB Colour Tune-ability with HSI Control
  • Industry-standard X,Y (CIE 1931):
    • Colour Coordinate Adjustment to Match Other Lights
  • 90%+ of Colours Within Rec.2020 Colour Space
  • 300+ Industry-Standard Gel Presets Built-in
  • 15 Built-in Lighting FX:
    • Cop Car, Lightning, Paparazzi,
    • Candle, Fire, Welding and more
  • User-Programmable Presets
  • Step-less Dimming from 0 to 100 % with no colour shift
  • User Programmable Presets
  • Sidus Link App Compatible 
  • On-board 5-Pin DMX512 In & Out
  • Extendable Control Box w/ Lightning Clamp QR Plate
  • 0.6m & 3m-long Head Cables for Flexibility & Organization
  • 4-Pin XLR DC 24V(15A)-48V(7.5A) Battery Input
  • Built-in Internal Ballast
  • Neutrik powerCON Locking Power Cables
  • Dual Junior/Baby Pin (28mm/16mm)
    • for Mounting on Any Stand
  • Handbrake-locking Yoke with 360° Tilt
  • Accessory Slot Compatible with Accessories/Modifiers:
    • Nova P300c Softbox by Aputure – $149
    • DOP Choice RABBIT-EARS Softboxes
    • Chimera Softboxes
    • Honeycomb Grid
  • Hard Shell Rolling Case – optional, separate purchase
  • Compatible with Aputure 48V Battery Power Stations
    • and other 24-48V power stations
    • or block batteries
  • Pre-order: $1,699 – Aputure/B&H
Aputure Nova P300c
Image by Aputure

To catch-up with all the new features and versatile options the Aputure NOVA offers, do check out the full launch presentation below.

Aputure Nova P300c Softbox
P300c Softbox by Aputure

Aputure Nova P300c Accessories

In addition to the Nova, Aputure has released a couple of dedicated accessories for the NOVA P300c. 

  • Aputure Nova Softbox – $149
    • 70x50cm Rectangular Softbox for LED Panels (approx. 27.5x20in.)
    • Compatible with the Nova P300c
    • Softbox Brack Fits Seamlessly into Nova P300c Accessory Slot
    • Includes ¼ Grid Diffusion Sheet
    • comes with 40° Fabric Light Control Grid
    • also includes Carrying Bag to Store Accessories
  • Custom Hard Case – $250
    • Retractable Handle and Wheels for Seamless Transportation
    • Custom Laser-Cut Foam for the Nova P300c
    • Watertight, Dustproof Molded Outer Shell

In addition, popular third party manufacturers such as DoP Choice, Chimera, and Honecrate have light modifiers for the Nova P300c. 

Aputure nova hard case custom laser cut foam
Images by Aputure

Pricing and Availability

The P300c was available to pre-order up until recently, with shipments prioritized towards rental houses, however as of today it is available to the masses. 

You can order it directly from Aputure here, or authorised dealers such as B&H (link here). Head over to Aputure to learn more.

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