Aputure MC 12-Light Production Kit for Gaffers and Rental Houses is Here

Aputure is now offering a whopping 12x MC Light Production kit with a wireless charging case!

Aputure MC 12 light production kit 12_compressed
Image by Aputure

The Aputure MC is a compact and versatile RGBWW LED, but the new Aputure MC 12-Light Production Kit takes it to a whole new level. 

Created with gaffers, owner-operators, and rental houses in mind, the 12x MC 12 lighting kit gets you plenty of compact Aputure MC lights to place anywhere and control remotely from your smartphone. 

And of course, for those that do not need 12x MC lights, Aputure also makes a Travel Kit with 4 x MCs. You can read more about it in our post here.

All the Compact RGB LEDs You’d Need in a Charging Case

And much like the MC 4x Travel Kit, Aputure is offering a custom hard case with wireless charging ports for your Aputure MC lights. In addition, the case features an accessory drawer with 4 sets of diffusers and mounting tools.

Moreover, the case can be powered by a standard power cable or a D-Tap Battery. 

Pre-order the Aputure MC 12-Light Kit on B&H

Aputure MC 12 light production kit case
Images by Aputure
Aputure MC 12-Light Production Kit Promo by Aputure

Sidus App Compatible for Maximum Flexibility

Naturally, the MC comes with built-in Sidus Mesh technology that gives you full control over colour, effects, brightness and more via the Aputure Sidus Link app.

Image by Aputure

The Aputure 12-Light Production Kit is priced at $1,499 and you can grab yours at B&H via this link. Deliveries are estimated for 7-10 days from order. 

[via Aputure]

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