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Aputure 60d Daylight and 60x Bi-Color LEDs Announced

Available later this Summer, the 60d and 60x are powerful and versatile compact Fresnel LED lights

Aputure LS 60d LED daylight 60w

Aputure has just unveiled their latest Aputure 60D and Aputure 60x bi-colour focusing LED lights. The latest additions to the Light Storm series feature precision fresnel lenses, 15 to 45 degrees beam adjustment and Sidus Link app wireless control.

The 60d/60x are the latest Aputure announcements, following the highly anticipated Aputure 300x launch earlier last week.

Alongside the new lights Aputure also announced a new attachment called the Spotlight Mini Zoom. Because the 60d and 60x are quite compact lights, Aputure needed to create a smaller Spotlight attachment for them. Hence why, this new projection lens was created to add a 2x optical zoom to the new lights.

Spotlight Mini Zoom for Aputure 60d/60x

New optional accessory for the 60d/60x is the Spotlight Mini Zoom, a 2x optical projection lens with built-in shutters and a drop-in iris for light shaping.

At 5 meters it projects a circle of 1.4 to 2.8 meters and comes with ten M-size gobos.

Spotlight Mini Aputure LightStorm 60X Bi color LED Fresnel (1)
Spotlight Mini Zoom by Aputure / mounted on Aputure 60X
Aputure spotlight mini zoom 60d 60x (1)
Aputure Spotlight Mini Zoom for 60d/60x

The Aputure 60d is a daylight only compact focusing LED outputting a high quality 5500K light with a CRI of 95 and TLCI of 95. Furthermore, the LS 60d is capable of outputting up to 50,000 lux at 1 meter when set to a 15-degree spot. 

The other sister light, LS 60x is the bi-color variant, with adjustable color temperature from 2700K and 6500K. In addition, both lights share the same high quality aluminium construction design with built-in controls on the back of the body. 

Aputure 60X Bi-Color Focusing LED

However, as with all bi-color lights, some output needs to be sacrificed, but not that much. When set to a 15-degree spot, the 60x can output 30,000 lux at 1 meter. That’s pretty decent for a light this small.

Nevertheless, Aputure has ensured plenty of power options. Both the 60d and 60x can be powered via an included AC adapter or DC battery input. The lights feature a neat V-mount slot attached to the yoke, which can be adapted to use dual Sony-NP-F batteries. In addition, regardless of which power option you use, you can benefit from the full output of the light. 

Aputure LS 60X bi color 60w LED fresnel focusing

Aputure LS 60D LED Features

  • 15 to 45° Adjustable Beam Angle
  • Daylight Balance: 5500K
  • High CRI/TLCI: 95
  • Built-in High-quality Fresnel Optics
  • 0-100% Adjustable Brightness
  • Built-in Controls on the back
  • Dual NP-F Battery Plate
  • 8 Built-In Lighting Effects
  • AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
  • IP54 Weatherproof for body
  • IP67 Waterproof for power connector
  • Sidus Link App Compatible
  • Price: TBD
  • Availability: Late Summer 2020
Aputure 60d and 60x Promo
Aputure LS 60d LED daylight 60w
Aputure LS 60d Daylight LED

Cinematographers can take advantage of the eight built-in effects: paparazzi, fireworks, lightning, faulty bulb, TV, pulsing, strobe, and explosion.

Additionally, the Aputure 60x also includes an effect for fire. A quiet 8 dB cooling fan minimizes audio interference when filming. Both lights are IP54 weatherproof so you can use them outdoors without fear. And, another nice touch by Aputure is that they have included the barndoors.

Aputure LS 60x Bi-Color Features

  • 15 to 45° Adjustable Beam Angle
  • Color Range: 2700 to 6500K, CRI/TLCI: 95
  • 0-100% Adjustable Brightness
  • Dual NP-F Battery Plate
  • 9 Built-In Lighting Effects
  • AC 100~240V, 50/60Hz
  • IP54 Weatherproof for body
  • IP67 Waterproof for connector
  • Price: TBD
  • Available: Late Summer 2020
Aputure Accent B7c RGBWW LED Lightbulb 7w
Aputure Accent B7c RGBWW LED Lightbulb 7w

Aputure Accent B7c RGBWW 7w LED Lightbulb 

Update: Pre-order the B7c smart LED bulb on B&H

During the presentation above, Ted teased an upgraded version of the yet-to-be-released LED lightbulb. The redesigned fixture supports 2,000K to 10,000K adjustable temperature, and a built-in battery lasting more than an hour. 

The Aputure Accent B7c is also Sidus Link app compatible for wireless control and is expected to arrive sometime this Summer for under $100. 

To learn more about Aputure’s awesome lineup of LED lighting solutions head over to their website here.

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