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Aputure 600d Pro, Lantern 90, F10 Fresnel and Barn Doors User Guides

Learn how to properly use the latest Aputure lighting accessories for the 600d Pro

Aputure LS600d on black background
Image by Aputure

Aputure has just released some handy user guides on their latest 600d Pro, and accessories including the F10 fresnel and barn doors, as well as the new Lantern 90 softbox light modifier.

The Aputure LS 600d Pro is the company’s new flagship single-point source LED set to rival popular HMIs such as the Joker 800. Aimed at the professional market, the 600d Pro is very powerful, but with great power (output), comes great responsibility to control that massive beam of light. 

Read all about the feature/specs of the Aputure 600d Pro here!

Therefore, Aputure also released some new accessories to help you shape and control the 600d Pro. Such include a bigger, Lantern 90, and F10 fresnel with companion barn doors to help you shape the 600d’s beam.  

Aputure Lantern 90 for 600d Pro COB

Starting off with the new Lantern 90 (available to pre-order for $139 at B&H), you can now get a larger soft modifier to accommodate the bigger footprint of the 600d.

This new lantern is bigger (about 35.4 inches wide, or 90 cm) than the regular Aputure Lantern (roughly 26 inches in diameter) and more suitable for the Aputure 300x, 300d Mark II or 120d Mark II.

In addition, the Lantern 90 is about the same size diameter-wise as the Lightdome II parabolic softbox that Aputure also offers. 

Image by Aputure/B&H
Lantern 90 user guide by Aputure

F10 Fresnel – a 10-inch Lens Modifier for the Aputure 600d Pro

Given the immense output of the 600d Pro, Aputure had to create a new fresnel modifier for it – the F10 Fresnel. After asking filmmakers if they preferred an 8-inch or a 10-inch fresnel attachment, the overwhelming majority voted in favor of a 10-inch lens fresnel.

And since it has a bigger surface area, it produces a softer light on human faces, and it also matches existing 5K lighting fixtures, which many cinematographers and gaffers already own. 

Having a lens attachment such as fresnel, which can focus the beam and produce a more concentrated focused light, it also need to be able to take the heat from the powerful COB chip. This is why, Aputure had to create the new F10 fresnel – dedicated for the 600d Pro, as the existing 2x Fresnel which many 300D and 300x users love, just wouldn’t cut it.

The new F10 fresnel also offers a focusable spot beam of 15 to 45 degrees. 

aputure-f10-fresnel 600d
Image by Aputure
How to use the F10 Fresnel for Aputure 600d Pro

Aputure F10 Barn Doors User Guide

In addition to the F10 fresnel for the 600d Pro, Aputure also created the F10 barn doors to give gaffers and DPs more room to shape the hard light.

And not only that, but the new F10 barn doors are also compatible with the Aputure F10 Black Reflector Dish. Furthermore, these barn doors have an 8 leaf design for more precise shaping and come equipped with a safety latch. 

aputure ls 600d barn doors
Image by Aputure
600d Pro F10 barn doors guide by Aputure

Aputure 600d Pro User Guide

Not everyone may need nearly 30,000 lux (at 3 meters with the F10 fresnel), but for those that do – Aputure has the 600d Pro. Sporting a water-resistant lamp head and control box, on-board DMX, Sidus Link compatibility and a ton of built in gels, the 600d Pro is a gaffers dream come true. 

And those like me, who can’t afford this beast yet, will have to do with some really handy and affordable (but also powerful) Amaran 200X and 100X LEDs.

To learn more about the 600d Pro check out our prior post here and also visit for more details.

You can pre-order the Aputure 600d Pro from B&H for $1,890 USD.

[via Aputure]

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