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Aputure 600D Monster LED Launches and NOVA P300c RGBWW Price

Aputure Nova pre-orders start May 27th!

Aputure 600D Light Storm
Image by Aputure

Aputure 600D is the much-awaited flagship COB LED by Aputure. In a recent livestream, we learned more about the re-designed control box and powerful features of this monster LED light. 

Additionally, in that same live-stream, Ted from Aputure also gave us the long-overdue pricing and pre-order details for the Aputure Nova P300c RGBWW LED. And that is one hell of a rugged LED panel light designed to compete with some of the most established lighting brands on major film sets.

Aputure 600D vs D12 comparison chart
Images by Aputure

Raw LED Power, 0 to 100% Dimming, High CRI/TLCI

As expected and previously demoed at trade shows, the Aputure 600D is one of the most powerful single-source LEDs on the market. Rivaling quite a few 1.2K HMI fixtures, the LS 600D can produce the staggering 100,000 lux at 1 meter.

And, with an approximate 720W power draw, you could theoretically power up to 3 x 600d lights on a single household circuit. Needless to say, this is just not possible with traditional 1200W HMI fixtures. 

With a high TLCI of 95+ and SSI of 75, the LS 600D is not just super-bright, but also very color accurate. And unlike HMIs, the 600d is freely dimmable from zero to 100%.

Recently Aputure also unveiled the Aputure 300X Bi-Color and Aputure 60d/60x COB LED lights.

aputure-f10-fresnel 600d

F10 Fresnel Modifier and Barn doors

Naturally, in order to harness the raw output of the LS 600d, Aputure has also made available a few accessories. Optional modifiers such as the Bowens S-mount F10 Fresnel and 8-leaf Barn doors are must have accessories giving cinematographers more control.

The impressive 10-inch fresnel attachment can spot the beam to just 15 degrees. In addition, gaffers and DPs can adjust the flood/spot thanks to the intuitive ring design. The F10 fresnel features a true glass, dual-lens optical design enabling it to double the output of the 600d to 200,000 lux at 1 meter.  

Aputure F10 Fresnel Barn Doors

Intelligent Control Box and Wireless Control

Since they showed off the 600d prototype at IBC 2019, Aputure has re-designed the control box. Now, the 600d control box can also double as a dual V-mount battery charger when plugged into wall power. 

Of course, the LS 600d is a powerful light, and as such it will require 2 x 28V large capacity/high power draw V-mount batteries when you are away from a mains power source. However, for situations where you need only 50% output, you can also use 14.4V batteries. 

The Aputure LS 600d has been designed for professional use and as such it comes with built-in wireless control. Compatible with Aputure’s 2.4 GHz remote, the 600d is also fully compatible with the Sidus Link app. In addition, high-end features such as wireless DMX control Luminair are also built-in. This makes the 600d perfect for larger film/TV/commercial productions. 

The Aputure LS COB flagship also features eight built-in effects: fireworks, paparazzi, lightning, faulty bulb, television, pulsing, strobe, and explosions.

Aputure LS 600d control box/charging station

IP54 Weatherproof

One of the most exciting features of the new LS 600d is the fact that it is dust and water-proof. According to Aputure, it can take a beating in the rain, the desert, and the beach, thanks to its sealed control boards and rugged power connectors. 

No official pricing yet, however Aputure LS 600d is scheduled to ship sometime in Q3.

Aputure Nova P300c Price and Pre-Order

Great news for those that have been waiting for the first Aputure RGBWW LED panel. You can pre-order the Aputure Nova starting May 27th at $1,699 for the standalone kit, or $1899 in a kit with a case. As expected, first units will ship to rental houses first. 

The Nova has been in the making for quite some time, and Aputure has designed it based on feedback from top cinematographers and gaffers around the world. Much like the 600d, the Nova P300c is a professional RGBWW LED that will rival units costing 2x or even 3x as much. 

Aputure Nova 300c RGBWW LED

The Nova P300c has a very wide range of colour temperature adjustment 2,000K to 10,000K and a huge range of 300+ industry standard built-in gels. In addition, the Nova has a handy control unit, which fits in your palm. And it is also detachable. 

Furthermore, the Nova boasts high SSI tungsten numbers of 85, and TLCI/CRI of 95+ for some truly high-quality light. 

Power options include 24-48V DC input, making it compatible with block batteries for field use. And just like the 600d, the Nova is blue tooth-mesh compatible with the Sidus Link app.   

Head over to to explore their full range of LED lighting solutions.

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