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Adobe Productions is Now Available in Premiere Pro

Productions is now available in latest version of Premiere Pro!

Adobe Premiere Productions tools

Adobe has just announced that Adobe Productions is now available in Premiere Pro. The major software maker announced their new set of collaborative tools earlier in the year at Sundance. 

Productions is a new flexible and highly scalable framework for organizing editing projects in Adobe Premiere Pro. With Productions, editors can share assets between projects. Thus, they can keep everything streamlined, whether they are working alone or collaborating with a team.

Adobe Productions now available in Premiere Pro

Beta Tested on Hollywood Productions

Adobe’s Productions set of collaborative tools was designed with input from top filmmakers and editorial teams.

Select group of motion picture editors have already “beta tested” Adobe’s Productions on Hollywood films. Those films include “Terminator: Dark Fate” and David Fincher’s new, and soon-to-be-released “MANK.”

Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud 2020

Adobe Productions – Designed for Collaboration

Episodic TV and feature films are difficult to make. And, editors working on them have to often deal with very complex editing workflows. 

Adobe’s Productions was developed to allow editors to divide such large projects into smaller, more manageable parts.

For example, an editorial team working on a feature film can organize their workflow around reels and scenes. Editors can group TV series by season, so it’s easy to access other shows to retrieve title sequences or audio elements.

Creative Agencies, on the other hand, can allocate a Production to each client, so they can quickly reference and retrieve assets from existing projects.

No Cloud Needed. Work Securely without an Internet connection

With Productions, editors also benefit from not needing an internet connection or access to the cloud.

As a matter of fact, all your digital assets can stay on your local storage. This way, you minimise any security risk from working remotely over the cloud.

Better Organization for Projects

The new collaborative toolset in Premiere allows users to reuse assets within their production without creating duplicates. This helps you keep individual projects light and fast.

Productions are located in a new Production panel in Premiere Pro, which provides a command centre for managing multi-project workflows.

You can add any projects the Productions folder. And this way, such projects become part of the production.

Regardless of whether on a Mac or PC, any changes you make are reflected in Premiere Pro. As such, Productions keeps everything in sync.

Adobe Premiere Productions tools

Work together with Shared Storage

Adobe has designed Productions for a collaborative editing workflow on shared local storage. As such, it is very different from Adobe’s Team Projects. The latter was built for remote collaboration.

Moreover, in Team Projects, editors can store assets locally as individual users; project files are securely stored in Creative Cloud.

Nevertheless, it is worth to know that the two toolsets are distinct and cannot be combined. Productions is part of Premiere Pro and is included with all licenses.

Also, Team Projects is part of Team and Enterprise licenses for Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Additionally, Adobe is making Team Projects available to all from April 14 to August 17, 2020 in order to support users working from home in self-isolation.   

Available today for Premiere Pro

Productions is now available in the latest release of Adobe Premiere Pro. Adobe has also created a helpful workflow guide PDF. Please download it below:

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