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Adobe Premiere Pro 14.8 Update Now Available to Download

Premiere Pro now has new simplified defaults for RED footage

RED Komodo 6k black production version
Images by RED

Premiere Pro 14.8 update is now available for download from the CC desktop app. Improvements include unified defaults for RED footage. Furthermore, this update includes several bug fixes, timecode support for high frame rates, and other performance improvements. 

And although this update may not be as feature rich as some prior ones, it does contain an important improvement to the default settings for RED footage. 

Simplified Approach to RED RAW footage

Editing and getting the best images out REDCODE RAW r3d files can be challenging for those lacking experience with such files. However, this update unifies the default settings to the latest REDWideGamutRGB color space, and Log3G10 gamma curve for best results.

Additionally, this change applies to r3d footage from both DSMC2 cameras and the latest RED Komodo 6K camera.

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Image by Adobe

What’s new in Premiere Pro 14.8 Update?

Timecode Support for Non-Standard Frame Rates

  • Support to display and use any non-standard frame rate timecodes, such as 120fps, 240fps or VFR (variable frame rate) clips.

Change to Default Color Space/Gamma – RED RAW .r3d

  • Default working color space and Gamma curve changed for all REDCODE RAW r3d files for DSMC2 cameras as well as the latest RED Komodo.
  • New defaults for RED RAW r3d files are now:
    • COLOR SPACE: RedWideGamutRGB
    • GAMMA CURVE: Log3G10

NOTE: Prior to this Premiere Pro 14.8 update, the defaults for DSCM2/older r3d files was REC.709/BT.1886, while the RED Komodo footage was imported as color space – Rec.709, and Log3G10 gamma curve.

Now, all RED raw footage defaults to RedWideGamutRGB and Log3G10 for a more streamlined unified approach in post workflows.

Performance improvements

  • Performance improvements in H.264/HEVC encoding for TigerLake processors (11th generation Intel Core mobile processors).

Fixed bugs and issues in Premiere Pro 14.8

  • Home screen panels don’t resize correctly with high resolution displays.
  • Improved stability when quitting immediately from Home Screen.
  • Marquee selection fails to select video track.
  • Images are squeezed horizontally when scaled below 50% in non-square pixel aspect ratio sequence.
  • Media Browser icons appear incorrect on macOS Big Sur.
  • Block noises when importing some Canon MP4 files.
  • Application may hang when changing playback setting to software only with ProRes RAW on macOS.
  • DVCPro HD file fails to import.

Important Note: 

Known issues: Windows PCs with NVIDIA GPUs need the NVIDIA Studio Ready driver v460.89 released on December 15th, 2020. You can download it via this link from NVIDIA’s website.

If you are running the latest Game Ready driver it is known for causing issues, such as computer lock up and unexpected behavior.

To learn more about the latest update head over to Adobe’s community post here.

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