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Premiere Pro June 2021 Update, Now Available to Download

Import and Export workflow gets a redesign, and also a new Header Bar

Premiere Pro M1 apple silicon
Image by Adobe

Adobe has just released their June 2021 update for Premiere Pro bringing a refreshed Import and Export experience to video creators.

Furthermore, this update is available to the Premiere Pro beta app, and the new features will probably be migrated to the main Creative Cloud app in the near future. 

It’s been a while since Premiere Pro has seen an update to the Import window, but this latest update does brings some radical changes designed to let users start projects much faster than before. 

In the June 2021 update, Adobe engineers and software designers have also redesigned the media Export panel. Another new feature is the addition of a new Header Bar for Premiere Pro, which will become a universal element in other Creative Cloud apps in the future. 

New and Redesigned Import Experience for Video and Audio Files

Adobe says this update will bring a “new vision for Premiere Pro” which commences with a refreshed import and export experience, as well as a streamlined header bar, thus making your video editing workflows easier to learn, more efficient and more enjoyable.

The aim of this update is to make Premiere Pro a more intuitive, yet powerful editing tool empowering creators to deliver high-quality content with quick turnarounds. Nevertheless, this update also seeks to optimize content delivery for multiple social platforms.

What’s New in June 2021 Update for Premiere Pro (Beta)

  • Refreshed and re-designed Import Workflow
  • New Header bar with shortcuts
  • Re-designed Export workflow
Adobe Premiere Pro CC October 2020 ADOBEMAX version 14.5 Update ProRes RAW
Image by Adobe

The new Import Mode, now a streamlined focuses on what social video creators and editors need to do first – access their content quickly without having to click on multiple buttons.

It should be noted that users still have the option to import through the Finder or Media browser. However, what the update does is remove the need to read through complex and confusing settings dialogs like New Project and New Sequence.

This produces a clear path for creators to start new projects, while also providing a better workflow for experienced editors by allowing them to import media from multiple file paths, make favourite folders, and functionality we’ll be adding to the public Beta, such as the ability to preview clips from separate essence files stored in camera folder structures.

Header Bar for Premiere Pro

The June 2021 update for beta also adds a new Header Bar designed to seamlessly integrate the main phases in the editing process: Import, Edit, and Export.

A task-specific workspace dropdown menu and Quick Export are accessible directly through the header. Users can quickly link to check out what’s new in the latest build and provide feedback on the public Beta with the click of a button.

Furthermore, Adobe say that this new header bar will become a universal design element across the Creative Cloud apps to support the import/export process and provide more consistency and familiarity as creators hop in and out of CC apps.

Redesigned Export Mode

This update also makes it much easier to export multiple files to a local drive and streamlines the process of delivering completed videos by focusing on the destination of the content.

Editors can quickly target either a given media format, or the social media platform destination – for example YouTube. Moreover, they can also use automatic settings to render the deliverable file, preview it before publishing, and directly upload their video when ready.

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In addition, Adobe is also working on background rendering so users can continue editing while their videos are exporting, and stay in their creative process.

This improved user experience makes it possible to quickly and efficiently export videos to popular social media platforms, without compromising the flexibility and power.

For more details on the latest update head over to Adobe’s website here.

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